Friday, May 24, 2013

Is everyone's motherhood experience a bipolar one?

Am I the only one convinced motherhood is a bipolar experience?

One minute, my kids are so sweet and I'm all overly sappy emotional about how much I love them and the next I just want to pop their little heads off (and be able to put them back on later off course).

One minute I talk to them in this nice, Mary Poppins "mommy adores you " voice and the next I'm like a raging lunatic yelling at anyone who is daring enough to stay on the same level of the house I am (this is usually when my husband is downstairs and my daughter is crying "I want daddy" to avoid doing what she's told to do and he continues to hide in the basement I think to avoid my anger turning from her to him).

One minute I love their sisterly love towards one another, and the next I want to knock their two heads together to break up the fight.

One minute I'm all about being the neat, spick and span clean housewife and the next I'm like f*^% it; what's the point. My kids and that big one known as the husband is just going to dump all their crap everywhere, totally wrecking havoc on any cleanliness or organization I may try to maintain.

One minute I wish I could spend more time with my kids; the next I'm thinking nope I spend plenty of time with them.

One minute I want to clean myself up and look nice and young again and the next I decide that involves more work than I already do so I'll just stick with the pulled back hair and sweats on the floor.

One minute I think I may actually be interested in adult husband/wife time and the next I'm thinking man sleep sounds pretty damn good about right now.

One minute I think I would love to have half a dozen kids and the next I'm thinking these two are like half a dozen by themselves.

I started this post in a ready to pop their little heads off moment but now I think I'm ready to go back to being Mary Poppins. I feel better now.


  1. That is exactly how I feel most of the time!

  2. That pretty much sums it up. 11:43 last night found me standing in front of the bunk beds, raging like a bull at my 2 sobbing daughters who's fighting had cost them their Friday night sleep out (family room camping). 11:55 found me reflecting on the lovely day that we had enjoyed.

    I wonder if that is why women are such emotional creatures. We need these crazy emotions to be able to make the quick switches that life forces upon us.

  3. I was like that with my students for a couple of years and decided I was tired of it because it wasn't working. I started reading teacher blogs, then progressed to parenting blogs when I realized my methods weren't working on our toddler. Often this means taking the middle ground instead of going from one extreme to another. If I force myself to stay calm it helps keep the kids from freaking out too bad. Structure and consistency helps, but also challenging because I have to stop and think before I react. One of the blogs that has helped me the most is On the Fence. You can read her latest post here