Thursday, July 25, 2013

For the love of the game: Finding that drive

My friend Emily at Life Imperfected has convinced me to try this throwback Thursday thing, where you look back at something from the past.

I've decided to go back to one of my very first passions in life, softball. I think this was the first thing outside of the people we love that I became extremely passionate about. From the ages of about 10-18 when I started playing competetive ball with 50-100 games a season that spanned March until October, this game was my life. I LOVED it. At eighteen when I put that ball glove away for the last time as a player (I would pick it up again later as a coach), I couldn't imagine my life without it. For those past eight years I ate, slept, breathed that game.

I would later see that it was just a small part of my life, but as you go through life you start to see how all the small parts are puzzle pieces fitting together to create the canvas of what becomes our whole life. There would be so many things I would gain and take from this that would be reflected in so many other ways in my life.

I learned about drive and finding your life's passions from this game. Unfortunately, when I became a coach one of the most disappointing thing is working with players that just do things but have no passion or drive for what they are doing. They just show up, practice and play, and some may be super talented but it's amazing what the lack of passion or drive does for their performance and success.

As I watch my own daughters and as I'm starting to expose them to activities like sports and different arts, I really don't care what their chosen interests and activities are. Softball was mine as a youth, but I see now I don't really care if they do or don't play softball. I just want them to find something; something they love and are passionate about that help them develop that drive that we need in life to push forward towards our desired successes. I want them to find something that they will work, work, and work at because it's something they want. They will give it their all because it's something they want. They will push through the failures and the defeats and disappointments because it's something they want.

The teacher in me is going to come out again, but because I have seen and worked with close to 1500 kids where it seems like too many not only have no drive or passion for their academic goals but some not even for their chosen activity goals. They do them because they'll look good on a piece of paper, not because of the character they'll build or even because they have a passion for them or its success.

My passions and interests have changed since softball but that drive that I got from my dedication to that game for almost a decade is what still helps me reach towards my goals. As a parent, one of the things I'm most excited about is to see my daughters develop that love. It may not be for the love of the game like mine, but I can't wait to see what sparks that passion and drive in them.

                                                              A great group of ladies!
                                                       The 1998 Missouri 3A State Champs                                                           2012 ESHS Hall of Fame Induction

                             Which will be her passion? Whichever it's entertaining to watch them all for now!


  1. Both of my daughters played fast pitch softball, and the oldest got a scholarship and the youngest turned one down, preferring to give it up after h.s. In CA, it's played every month except Feb., due to great weather. Oh, how I know that life! And I totally agree re the great principles it teaches a child.

  2. I love softball but unfortunately I'm TERRIBLE at it. I have a wild arm... actually my whole family is that way. I remember as a kid we would have family baseball games and a window would get broken, a person hit, or a car dented EVERY single time. We all have wild arms.

    Loved ready your memories and current perspectives. Fun!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Awww, these are all great memories. I miss playing soccer, doing gymnastics, and dance class. I did all of these as a kid.

  4. I tried playing softball for a year and I was horrible :) Instead I did competitive swimming and I danced professionally when I was younger. I agree that sports teach kids great skills!