Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Working Mom Life on the Job Evaluation Form

For anyone in the teaching field, we’re all a little on edge these days with all the education reform and new evaluation systems. I know Maryland is using what’s called the Charlotte Danielson Framework as our grading rubric for our observations and evaluations, but I’m not sure this is the same for all states. With the Charlotte Danielson Framework teachers are evaluated as either highly effective, effective, developing effective, or ineffective. I imagine with any job you're probably evaluated in a similiar way. I think of it as the A, B, C, F format. There’s no D grade in teaching I guess, and in the past there’s always been three ratings, so who knows which letter was left off before. Either way, I decided to evaluate my life as a teacher mom on the Charlotte Danielson Framework. So here we go…

On Monday, I give myself a grade of highly effective. I feel motivated ( if the sun is out) to greet my students and attempt to enlighten them to the wonders of reading. I’m hopeful at least at this point. And they’re pretty receptive or still recovering from their weekend and are just in a zombie state rather than achieving student state. But the thing that I give myself a highly effective for on Mondays is we all actually have clean clothes to wear, towels to dry off with, usually a decent homecooked meal, there aren’t creepy unknown life forms hanging out in the kitchen sink or bathroom yet. On Mondays I’m the master; I got this. I’m happy, my own children aren’t driving me too crazy, I’m well rested and ready to take on the world. Let’s do this.

But then there’s Tuesday. Just a few hours later, but I’m already slipping into effective mode. I’m still feeling a little upbeat, but little things start happening. I forgot to put shoes on my toddler, I’m running late. All day. I forgot to do one of the twenty different things that I’m suppose to take care of in a given day at work. We still have dinner as a family but spending a half hour or so on those dishes at the end of the day seems like a really shitty way to spend these precious few hours I may get to myself before bed.

By Wednesday, I’m in developing effective mode and falling fast. I’m trying and I still care at this point. I’m hopeful I’m going to get to Friday and still feel like a woman that maybe knows a little bit about what she’s doing. By this point there’s usually been at least one slip up with something. I’m moving towards the just going through the motions phase. Dinner? How about those kraft microwave macaroni cups? Out of towels, already? Just run through the house really fast and you’ll dry off.

By the time Thursday rolls around, I’m about ineffective. By this point everyone should just be glad I’ve graced them with my presence and I’m somewhat pleasant to them. I’m tired, I’m cranky, I’m falling behind at work on getting done what I want to have done by the end of the Friday, and don’t even get me started on all the new things everyone else wants to add to the to do list. As for my house, we should all just utter a prayer that it’s still standing. Clean clothes, good luck. You want a towel? Pick up one off the floor. Students stabbing each other with pencils. Great. Get a jab in for me. My kids colored the dog, flooded the bathroom, cut their own hair, are hiding a stray cat in the basement, are eating a half a bag of oreos while I’m studying the inside of my eyelids for a few minutes. Awesome, bring me one, please.

Friday? Should we even talk about Friday? This is where I always forewarn my students not to piss me off; I’m not in the mood. My husband comes home, wondering if I’m a ticking time bomb yet. The dishes have been sitting there so long they just need to be thrown out. Clean clothes. I might have worn the same shirt to bed that I wore to work? Is there a fail grade at this point because that’s about where I’m at? Kind of like those students that just sit there, in a daze, not wanting to do much. That’s me on Friday, exhausted, too tired to care, and too over it all to give a shit. Because hallelujah , it’s Friday.

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  1. Wait... a stray cat????

    I know the feeling. I have dirty clothes sitting in the hamper from last week still. Plus this week's clothes. And maybe I'll get to them this weekend. On top of everything else.

    We've got your back.

  2. Great post, and oh so true. Since I became a SAHM 8 months ago, I have not figured out what I am many things that need to get done and very little desire to get them done, so I manage the important things and the rest...well they will get done in time, I suppose! Have a great weekend!