Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Heads Carolina? Tails Colorado?

A Tale from the past:

That didn't quite go the way I expected! Now my temper and smart mouth didn't just get me in trouble and fired but somehow him as well. We stepped outside, the late afternoon spring sun blazing down the mid day empty bar strip.

"What do you say? Carolina or Colorado? Let's go!" A smile split across my face. The tension from the argument inside with that witch of woman and her asshole husband that had the nerve to say he "owned" his employees started to leave me as I saw that smile that said "I'll go right now if you will."

He had hinted at taking off to Carolina or Colorado a few weeks ago, and he was the type that would totally just do it. Besides my commitment to finish my last semester of college, I had also already committed myself to a year of teaching on the Missouri/Iowa border. But I was getting farther and further away from the girl that I was that had hesitated on picking a college and lived at home the first two years, and I seriously considered the truth to that offer to just take off. I was 22 and free! The whole world waited out there for me, for us, and it was so tempting to just embrace it and take the biggest leap of faith I'd ever taken.

However, even though we had worked together for a few months, we had only been dating for a few weeks, and I was not quite the impulsive one like he was. But that month ten years ago was just the beginning of what would become a wild, sometimes impulsive ride. Who knew then that we were destined for such great disasters and battles of epic proportions?

I had maybe left behind my family that knew how to put a cap on my temper and attitude, but the road ahead would show that I had met my match. We didn't leave in the coming months, but we did the next year and together alone we took on whatever came our way. How we didn't kill each other at times was possibly a mystery in itself. I pushed and demanded too much, too often, and he'd only take so much of my temper before he'd match it right back. But he made up for my shortcomings and where he was weak I was strong.

These last ten years are so full of memories of laughter and tears, frustrations and joys, highs and lows. The road hasn't always been easy and half the time we probably made it harder than it had to be. God knows we have our flaws, a multitude of imperfections individually and together as a couple, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's all a part of our story, and I love it.

Now we have two mirror images of ourselves. We have Averi who has his gentler, laid back attitude towards life and others, and we have Nakenzi, who has my attitude and determination.  They make our story complete.

It was ten years ago in March of 2004 that we  started this journey, and I'll never forget the "Carolina or Colorado" because between my sassy go getter attitude of that day and his risk taking ambition I knew for some crazy reason even though we had just started dating and were polar opposites in many ways we were meant to be together.


  1. Awww!! Thank you honey :-)

  2. Sometimes, you just know.....

    You guys have a great story that I hope will only get better and better :)

  3. I love this story. Absolutely love it.