Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Fun we Shall have Past Bedtime

I kind of think bedtime is overrated. Now I'm sure before some of you even read below you're already in defense mode because you're one of the live and die by the routine kind of people. Nothing is worth messing with that nap and/or bedtime schedule. I mean nothing to those of you that are that way, I'm just not.  To each their own, but I'll share why to me I don't put much stress or emphasis on parenting a consistent bed "time".

During the work/school week we do try to keep to a bedtime schedule. Even though I feel like the getting them settled into their room part ranges from anywhere between 8 and 9. It usually depends on what time it is when we get dinner on the table. I am not one to forgo our family dinner time just because my kid will be late going to bed. If Nate works late sometimes we don't get dinner on the table until almost eight, but to me it's more important for us to have that family connect time at the end of the day time than to get them fed earlier and shuffled off to bed so we can eat later when he gets home.

The other thing is when the weather is nice the girls will play outside until almost dark. If they're/we're having fun outside and enjoying a beautiful day what's the rush to end it? They're only a kid once. Steal and stretch whatever golden moments we can.  My thinking is let them run, laugh, play, enjoy the carefreeness and lack of demands of childhood.

This is definitely true on the weekend. The last two weekends we've had a fire. Last weekend it was with friends and this weekend it was just the four of us. Do you know how much fun it is to stay up past dark on a warm spring/summer evening and catch fireflies or lightening bugs (whatever you call them in your area)? Did you ever sneak around in the dark with your flashlight playing Jake and the Pirates or Dora and boots on an exploration adventure?

Sure I could get them into bed at nine, and I could go sit down by the fire and have my beer or whatever.  But sitting around the fire under a starlit sky, having my beer, and having my "baby" that's getting too big for sitting on my lap or cuddling, curl up with me and go to sleep is such an awesome way to end the day. It's a golden moment I wouldn't trade.

I think about my sister who is much better about keeping to a bed "time" routine than I am, and still when we're there to visit, she drops it for something so much more important, that time for the kids to spend with their cousins and family, living and enjoying each other and moments.

The moments we would have missed after bedtime

                                           They love their after bath night night walks

                                                       Our family summer drive in tradition

                                                Dancing in the park for a summer concert
                                 Playing Dora and Boots on an adventure exploration after dark
                                                          Looking for toads in our pjs
                                                          Snuggling next to a fire
                                                   Enjoying time with grandma around a fire
                                                  Learning how to cook a hotdog with daddy
   And when all the fun is over, they will fall into the deep, peaceful sleep of innocent children with hearts full of love and happiness of a day well spent

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  1. Great post Angela! I absolutely love evening walks and summer concerts. We enjoy them here in Colorado and our daughter loves dancing. :)

  2. I agree with you. I have two sons and we have lived by the same idea that family time is the most important thing on earth.

  3. I love this! Such a great perspective to enjoy your kiddos when they are young. Great post.