Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10 Things I've Learned in my Pursuit of Happiness

I'm a planner, an organizer, a list checker. I think as I entered this so called world known as adulthood I had this vision of things I wanted to accomplish or check off my "list" in order to feel like I had found success and that happiness we all envision as young children. It was like in my mind it was a mathematical equation.
College degree=Career+Husband=children&house&pets&cars&material things= adult happiness

I was on cruise control. I had this. Bachelors, Masters, career started at 22 with retirement and benefits to retire in my 50s, kids, house and rental house, cars, dogs and even a cat. This was it, right? Everyone likes to praise and think so highly of ambitious people. But sometimes that ambition comes with a blindness to miss what's right in front of them.

Somewhere in the journey to reach these milestone I got a little lost on the way. I'm still working on finding my way but I'm seeing a little more clearly than I was. No matter what's on our ambition check list, we're all pursuing the same thing. We're all pursuing happiness. As I've stumbled around a little lost on this journey at times here's what I've learned about pursing happiness.

1. If you keep thinking happiness is around the next corner with the next accomplishment, milestone, or the next ambition checked off the list you will never reach the contentment of true happiness.

2. Don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You don't have to do it all, be it all. Talk to someone. Ask for help. Share the burdens of life. Others really want to help and are just waiting for you to ask.

3. You are the best authority of you. Know yourself, be true to yourself, trust yourself, forgive yourself, and most importantly love yourself.  Don't let anyone else tell you who you need to be, yet always be willing to see what you can learn from others to be a better you.

4.Mistakes are just bumps in the roads to success later. It's not so much that you fall down but more so that you get back up.

5. Perfection is a flawed ideal that will just lead you astray so let it go. Life is meant to be a beautiful mess.

6. Take risks and don't let fear hold you back. You may rarely get the outcome you anticipate because again all we want to see is the perfect vision of what we imagine the future to be, but the things that will come of taking that leap of faith will be completely be worth it.

7. Some of the greatest moments of happiness are in the simple moments. Always look for them and don't miss them.

8. Find the positive. You can't find happiness if you're always seeing the glass half empty. Sometimes we want to think the worse or think negatively to save ourselves from the pain of disappointment when we're let down but you got to have hope or really what else is there.

9. Faith and Hope.  You have to have it. You have to have it in something greater than yourself, in those you love, and in yourself. If you don't see the light of hope within yourself, others, and the world around you you're always going to live in the darkness of doubt and happiness will always be just out of reach.

10. You and only you can create your own happiness. Once you've found it, don't let anybody take it from you.

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  1. Such fabulous tips to keep in mind as we pursue the path to finding our own happiness. It's easy to get lost and veer off the path and not always so easy to get back on it. We are all works in progress and the advice/tips you've shared will help others on their journey.

    Thank you for sharing this post on the SHINE Blog Hop!

    Welcome to My Circus
    Co-host #SHINEbloghop 2/5

  2. I heart this post so so much! So much good information. My dad used to always tell me that my health was more important than my job (I carried a lot of stress from my job). For several years, I struggled in coming to terms with that.

    Thank you for linking up at Party Under The Big Top #BigTopBlogParty

    1. They say stress is a killer. When I look back to try to nail down what sent me into such a crazy tailspin towards unhappiness it keeps coming back to the same thing, stress. Stress at work lead to stress at home. Stress with money lead to stress at home. It's a vicious cycle that can consume us if we let it. Thanks for reading.

  3. This great advice! I know I try my best these days to stay positive, understand mistakes happen, and take things one day at a time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved reading this fabulous post again! Thank you so much for stopping by the Party Under the Big Top and linking up with us!

    Wishing you a fabulous week

    Much love,

    Lysa xx
    Welcome to My Circus

  5. I love this! Great advice Angela! Thanks for sharing.....