Thursday, March 26, 2015

Little Girls and the Bathroom

As a mother of little girls I often find myself infatuated with their infatuation with the bathroom and the things they can do to that bathroom. Here are four things that stick to me when it comes to little girls and the bathroom.

1. I know moms of boys always claim you know you're the mom of a boy because of the misaimed pee that seems to end up everywhere but in the toilet, but let me tell you there is something about little girls that still leaves those little droplets of pee in other places besides in the toilet. Such as the top of the toilet seat. ALL THE TIME. How this happens I think has something to do with sliding their little toddler butts off the toilet before wiping.

2. Toilet paper is often mutilated but rarely in the toilet. I think half our problem with crumpled toilet paper everywhere is from a puppy that thinks the toilet paper roll is a chew toy. We also don't have a toilet paper holder at the moment so even though I've found it drenched in the sink, drenched in the tub, a whole roll just hanging out in the waste basket, I am surprised I have not found a whole roll floating in the toilet. But maybe that's because they're afraid for some reason to put the toilet paper in the actual toilet since I always seem to find wads of toilet paper all over the bathroom.

3. Why is the bathroom the coolest place to hang out when you're little? I will often catch my girls in there having a heart to heart chat while one of them is doing the kind of business that takes a bit of time. One of them sits on the potty and manages to carry on a deep conversation while the other one I guess encourages her with her presence. I don't know. I really don't get it.

4. And the last thing that blows my mind about bathrooms and little girls is why do they have to check out EVERY PUBLIC RESTROOM they lay eyes on. They could have just went to the bathroom in the last public place we just visited, and it's like as soon as they discover there's a new one in a new place they haven't explored one of them has to suddenly go so bad. It's like if they're bored they think, "Hey, let's go hang out in the bathroom, sis!" I try to avoid public bathrooms as much as possible so I really don't get their infatuation with having to check out every public establishment's restroom.

What things surprise you about little girls and bathrooms?

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