Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Letter to My Second Child

My Dear Second Child,

To be the second child is something you will probably hate and other times be thankful for. As the second one you unfortunately, never got the undivided obsessive attention that your first born sister did; however, from experience I can tell you the second born will get away with way more than the first born because you won't quite be under the parental microscope like she will.

Whereas she's use to owning the center of the stage, and winning others' praising attention from years as the only child, you are the clever one with your mischievous ways to grab the attention of others. Whereas she was handled with gloves  as if she was a delicacy, while you lacked that first child glass handling you learned quick to be tougher and stand your ground.

Whereas the first born tends to hate to disappoint and seeks to please, you were never afraid to let your true feelings or emotions be known and because of this hopefully you will not be afraid to stand up for yourself even if it makes others angry.

While your sister will be the one you will look up to in the years to come and even if at times she may seem like the model you think you need to measure up to  please, please, remember little sister, you will shine in your own ways. She will be one of your biggest cheerleaders, and you will shine on a stage all of our own making that won't have to be shared with your sister.

You are the fierce one, the one that takes it all in stride because you've never known any other way. You're not afraid to speak your mind because as the second it's the way you've learned to make sure  you're heard and not overlooked.

While she may be the one that got the undivided attention and handled with those gloves of delicacy in the years before you were here, as the second child you are the one that will forever be the baby in your momma's heart.

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  1. I'm glad to read this since I'll be having my second child in a few weeks. I have read that second children are more laid back. My husband and I are both second children and we are both very laid back! I'm always fascinated with birth order too.