Friday, March 11, 2016

Stand Here with Me

There was a time when it all felt like a mad rush. A mad rush to prove we could do it. Prove it to ourselves, to each other, to our families, to the naysayers. It was a driven focus to accomplish this, accomplish that. Always looking ahead on where we're going next; if one of us wasn't pushing for what was next the other was. I guess looking back it's not that it was necessarily wrong; I think when we're young and starting out in a way we have to be like that to achieve and succeed.

I know there's still goals, ambitions, and things we want, but stop for a moment. And just stand here, right here, right now with me. Because there's no more need to rush, no more need to prove ourselves to anyone, no more need to push for something greater or better.

Look where we're standing. Stand here with me and see where we are. Yes, we have the house, even your big truck (boys and their toys), the masters degrees we took 6.5 years between us to complete, the rental (hopeful) business investment, careers with pensions, investment and college savings, and even finally again emergency fund savings. I know one day you still want the job promotion and a bigger house with more land and the list of places we want to travel is never ending, but all that will be in the time it's meant to be. There's no more need to rush.

For right now stand here with me and see what I see..

I see two little girls that without a doubt are happy well loved girls

I see two little girls anxiously waiting the arrival of their baby brother to shower him the only way they've ever known how: with endless love

I see a view off our deck of a big yard filled with laughter as our girls and even the giant four legged child run and laugh in childhood freedom until the last of the sun sets most nights

 I see the nights past dark when we're gathered back there with our closest friends listening to music and watching the dancing flames of the fire pit

I see the girls explore the world with a wonder that reminds us to forget the rush and just enjoy the moment of rediscovery whether it's in the world around us or the people in it

I see a house that overflows with love in the way we will sing and dance and snuggle together and with our amusing family dinner discussions

I see two people who have crossed path with about 2000 youth in the past dozen years and have learned to see the world in different ways through their eyes and experiences

I see a young family that enjoys the countless hours trapped together in the car on road trips to see family and discover new places

I see a young family surrounded by amazing friends and family that despite the distance and busy lives have succeeded in making time for

I see two people that despite the struggles and the differences have held on and pushed through to build the life they want for themselves and their kids.

No we're not rich, no we don't have much for fancy things ( I still like to buy the cheap version of everything), no we haven't traveled the world or seen the seven wonders of the world yet, but I see success from dedication and hard work, I see love and commitment not just to each other but those we care about and love, and I see happiness. And that is what our kids will see and that will be our greatest legacy to them.

You are the dreamer; I am the realist. Together it got us places and together it will again. But for now stop and stand here with me and just take it all in.



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