Saturday, August 27, 2016

To My Girls on the Hard Days

Our reality that has been approaching like a dark looming tunnel ahead in which we have to find new footing and balance to maneuver our way through unknown territory is now upon us, and  I know myself too well to know there will be days I come unhinged. I will not be the mom I want to be or the mom you enjoyed this past summer.

There will be days work uses up all my energy and I come home with little left to give. There will be days I lack sleep; therefore I will lack patience. There will days I lack enough time; therefore I lack tolerance. There will be days I can't do it all, and I just really need your help. There will be days my requests sound like angry demands and my tone of voice mirrors the wicked witch's.

I will try to keep that angry, short on patience mom's visits short. But I'm sure she will make her unwelcome entrance into our lives at random chaotic times this year. I just ask you to have patience with her. Try to remember all that she's trying to do and be for herself and for you. Remember even when she seems unhappy, mad, exhausted that she loves you more than anything.

Remind her you love her. Give her a hug. Ask her what you can do to help. Give her a few precious minutes alone. Just as she's held you tight through the difficult moments, hold her tight through hers. The happier, more patient mom will return with the love you shower on her.


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