Monday, August 21, 2017

Love Life

It is so easy to get caught up all that doesn't go right or according to plan or to think about what we don't have instead of what we do have. So much in life is about perspective, and believe me when things aren't going as expected it's easy to find ourselves going down a slippery slope of negativity. Then if we throw in the obsession of reporting the negative over the positive and everything that is stressed throughout media to scare or frighten us or convince us we're not good enough or no matter what we have or what we do it's not enough we could all so easily drown in disappointment and misery. We could so easily be convinced life sucks and throw ourselves a pity party for the rest of our days.

But as I reflect back on it all- the highs and the lows, the struggles and the triumphs- it's the lows and the struggles that lead us back to falling in love with our lives over and over again. The lows suck whether it's finances, marriage or relationship struggles, health struggles and fears, tough stressful periods on the job, and none of the struggles are fun.

But in those moments we have to grasp every little sliver of triumph we can find. We find it in the moments we get to reconnect with our spouse because as crazy as they can drive us there are also things they get and understand that no one else does. We find it in the victory days of accomplishment we have with our life's work that keeps us doing it even after the moments where we feel it could suck the life out of us. We find it in reaching our financial or personal goals after persevering through the struggles. We find it in our kids and wonder of watching their journeys unfold in school and on the athletic field or wherever their talents may lay.

The other day I sat with the ocean breeze on my face, the sun burning down on my skin. with probably the silliest grin on my face as I watched my girls jump in the ocean and my husband play in the sand with our toddler son. Just like any other time I've sat in those moments of watching my beautiful, happy family just enjoying time together I thought how I wouldn't change any of it. All of it- it's for these moments. These moments don't just happen on some trip either. They happen at the dinner table as everyone is erupting into laughter, they happen as you all find yourselves in the yard gathering fall leaves or challenging each other to a game of hoops on the driveway court,  they happen as you give your whole weekend over to cheering on the sidelines as one of them challenges themselves on the playing field, they happen in the holiday or weekend moments where we get together with others we love but don't see as much. They're the little moments and they happen over and over.

I wouldn't take back the relationship battles and doubt, the stress of living paycheck to paycheck for so many years, even the lost babies in our journey to our three, the time invested into a job that has taken so much personally and time wise from my children but also gave us valuable things we couldn't have grown without, the health scares and struggles. Our struggles are where we grow. Our highs would not be so victorious or sweet without our struggles. The struggles lead us to where we're going. We wouldn't get there and know the gratitude of being there if we didn't struggle.

So whether we're climbing the mountains that are our obstacles in life or find ourselves in the valley or the peak of the mountain there's always so much to love about our journeys, about the people on this journey with us, and about ourselves in our highs and ours lows. We need to love each other and ourselves in the victories and the highs but love ourselves and each other a little harder in the struggles and lows. It's all meant to remind us to love this life and those in it that we're blessed with.

 I've known so many that have really struggled this past year but they keep grabbing onto those moments that remind us all to love life. Keep snatching those moments and holding onto them with everything you have. The storms of life will try to rip those precious moments  from our grasp but our greatest strengths shine through when we not only hold onto those moments but truly live in those moments despite all the storms that may be raging around us. No matter our struggles to love our lives despite it all is the victory in our journeys.

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