Thursday, October 26, 2017

Girl Mom to Boy Mom: Trucks, Balls, Pensises- Oh My!

"You don't have any brothers, do you?" the pediatrician asked in response to my question about my son's penis.

Nope. I was raised with all sisters. I'd been raising sisters for the past eight and half years until 18 months ago, so yeah, I know very little about penises and everything else around it. My experience up until 18 months ago was very limited in the world of miniature males. But in case my mom may read this I knew absolutely nothing about penises period until at least 18! On second thought, if my dad reads this, I was at least 25! No knowledge of male anatomy! So this boy mom world is a whole new eye awakening experience for me.

What a crazy world it is, too! They're so......different. They're rough, they don't sit still, there's a bit of this untamable, wild spirit about them. The thing is mine is sweet. He's not a get mad and hit you kind of kid; he's a pretty happy kid most of the time. But he'll playfully head butt you because he thinks it's the same as nuzzling you nose to nose. Never had a biter but this one thinks nothing of walking up to one of us and affectionately biting us in the back of the leg or the butt- whatever he can reach- he's not picky. I can be sitting down and he'll jump on my back and have me in a headlock, ready to wrestle me to the floor if he was just a little bigger. All of this in the expression of showing me how much he loves me, not ever because he's mad or angry.

This boy loves his trucks and balls- the sports balls! He'll launch those balls across the room right at you and ram those trucks right into your ankles like he's trying to bulldoze you right over. Silence means trouble is no joke with this guy. He covered our basement in small piles of cat food all over the basement the other day, and  you should never leave a boy alone for long or who knows what they'll destroy. This little guy doesn't mess around either when he tries to take things apart. He got out his dad real screwdriver and was attempting to unscrew the vent to our heater the other day. He's going to be a real fixer upper one day. Let's just hope he doesn't tear down the house in the meantime.

But there is a special sweetness about a momma's boy. He loves to cuddle and rock with his momma at the end of the day. I don't know whether it's because he's the baby or he 's boy but he's a bit needier than the girls when it comes to needing soothed back to sleep though. My husband reminded me the other day that I give him a hard time for babying and giving in to the girls after I once again gave into the poor little guy. But his sisters left him behind and it just broke his poor little heart so I just had to come to the rescue. Those baby boys really do grab at their momma's hearts.

Then, yes, there is the whole penis thing. Why are they so fascinated with it?  They are quite proud of it. Always wanting to touch it. Have to make sure it didn't go anywhere I guess. Apparently there's great pride in being able to stand up to pee too. With this big ole smirk on his face the other day he proudly stands up in the tub just to watch his pee arch back into the bathtub beside where his sister is playing. He thought it was cool; us girls not so much.

This raising a boy thing is a whole new world for sure! I can't wait to see what the years ahead are like because I'm sure this one will keep us on our toes. Look at him though- a little rough, wild, and rambunctious but how could a momma not give this face whatever he wants !

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  1. I absolutely love this story! Little boys steal your heart forever..
    He'll always be your baby ��