Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Strength and Power within Her

I have watched some women's amazing stories unfold through my connection with them whether it's been women I've known most of my life, that I've connected with through motherhood or here online, or women I've met through work. I think we underestimate the incredible strength of the woman; I think we underestimate our own strength.

I've watched these women move on from the heartbreak of their love moving on without them to building themselves a life of independence and a fulfilling career in politics, I've watched another realize life is too short to wait on your dreams after the passing of a dear cousin to successfully pursue her dream photography business, I've watched another battle breast cancer with three small children at home and a classroom of little six year olds that she was there for without hardly missing a beat. I've listened to the stories of others that have confided in me the heartache of multiple loss pregnancies but you would never know in the way they bravely carried on or courageously stepped forward to share their stories to help others. I've watched friends my own age say good bye to their parents at their untimely young deaths, yet despite their pain and grief they beautifully told the stories that would keep their parents' legacy alive for others that loved them and their own children . The stories of a woman's bravery and courage could go on for each of us.

These things have the power to break us down. For a bit maybe they do, but I've watched her- very possibly you- gather up those broken down pieces and put them back together into a new even more beautiful masterpiece than you were. Yes the cracks-the scars- are there but they just allow for the power of light within us to shine through now and reach out to the others that may now be empowered and inspired by our stories. It is in those crumbling moments when we've been broken down that we find we are stronger than we ever believed. It is in the moments we rise up, we overcome, and we carry those scars boldly that we tell the story of the power and strength of a woman for ourselves, for those that know us, and for those little girls that watch us.

We don't owe anybody our stories. For those that have bravely shared theirs I am forever grateful because I know the vulnerability in sharing our struggles. I do believe there is empowerment in our struggles. Whatever your struggles may be I hope you've found you are strong and there is bravery in how you carry on.

But it was these stories I've been honored to hear and watch and the awe inspiring strength of the women I know that truly inspired my Letters to a Daughter. No one has to know our stories but if we could bravely share them with our daughters they too can hopefully be inspired and empowered in overcoming the struggles they will face as they navigate broken hearts, chasing career ambitions and their dreams, overcoming the loss of loved ones and pregnancies, and in facing illnesses and battles that will try to hinder their momentum forward in life.

"May we know strong women, may we be strong women, and may we raise strong women," mommas!

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                                     Photo credit Sandia Pantano Imaging and Photography

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