Sunday, November 19, 2017

Shattered Glass

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The pieces lie there shattered at her feet. Broken glass split her image into tiny reflected pieces , distorting where one part of her ends and another begins. She bends down to begin to gather the broken shards as tears slip down her face as she doubts whether it can be put back together to the wonderful image it once was.

Even if she could piece all the pieces back together again, there would be no way now to hide the cracks of imperfection in it's forever altered image. As she set about putting the pieces back together, she began to notice how the light from the other side blazed through the cracks, giving the shattered glass a new look of wonder and beauty.

She stared  at the broken expression starting back at her in the cracked glass. Her recent darkest truths to herself left her feeling shattered in a million pieces like this broken glass. The truth of her realities shattered her sense of self, breaking her down to the truths she avoided seeing for so long.

But just as that broken glass pieced back together into a new flawed version of its original beauty maybe there was a light and beauty to be found in putting back the pieces of herself to create a new image, constructed of the shards of who she use to be.

Just as there was no way to hide the cracks in the glued back together glass, her cracks as well would remain there for others to see. But maybe in displaying her truths and flaws a new beauty and light would be lit to empower and inspire.  Maybe there would be beauty to be found in her shattered hard truths too just as there was in the shattered glass at her feet.


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