Thursday, August 16, 2012

So long Summer 2012

Summer is over : ( . And it was great. It really was. We've spent summers taking trips to neat places and doing neat things in the past but I feel like this summer was still one of the better ones even though we didn't go anywhere new. We didn't have any memorable Glenn mishaps like a truck accident (2011) or broken down car that left us stranded for days three hours from home (2010) so that could be some of it. But it was also our first summer as a family of four so maybe that's part of what made it so special.

One of the things I love about having kids is that everything you do is so much fun like you're a kid again whether its the waterpark, boat rides, swimming, carnival rides, or whatever kiddie adventure they want to embark upon. There really is nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of your child. Seeing their joy and excitement at each new discovery makes it so much fun as the parent. This is also the reason why even though I'm bummed that summer is over, I'm also excited for the fall because Halloween and Christmas is soooo much fun again when you have little kids. Kenzi will be all about opening her presents this Christmas, and Averi is becoming more aware of the magic of Santa Claus. I'm already itching to start buying them Christmas presents. Going to have to wait until that bank account starts to accumulate some mula again, but once it does let the Christmas shopping fun begin.

I don't want to dwell too much on the fact that summer is over. I feel incredibly fortunate that I have a job in the first place that allows me this much time off to spend with my children and to travel to see our family. Just as I left you with pictures from our trip to Missouri, I leave you this time with pictures from our trip to Pennsylvania.

At the pool with their cousins, Alaina and Dylan

Averi's first mini golf experience

Boating on Kinzua in New York

Kenzi wants to play too

Averi swimming in the Kinzua Reservior

Averi four wheeling with Daddy

Kenzi first merry go around at the Warren County Fair

Averi loved the fair rides

Spending time with Grandma Lorraine

Hanging out with Aunt Jody

And Grandpa Fred

Averi and her Nana

Here comes that crazy beginning of the school time of year (with two kids this time) so hope it goes as smoothly as craziness can possibly go.

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