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I am also interested in writing guest posts for motherhood and family websites that would allow me in return to promote my book with a link or two in the post. I am always interested in hearing other mothers' stories and welcome guest posts here on Stepping into Motherhood.  I truly believe other mothers can be a tremendous support system to one another, and I feel that our stories, struggles, and successes can help other women on their journey of motherhood. If you are a frequent reader you can see I promote this idea often in my posts.

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Book Publications:

Letters to a Daughter (Published October 2017)

Moms, Monsters, Media, and Margaritas  (Published June 2014)

Contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Multitasking Mom's Survival Guide (Published March 2014)

Contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Curvy & Confident (Published December 2016)

Essays and Articles on the Web

Published on That's Inappropriate

Getting Help for Post Partum Depression (April 2018)

To My Daughter as She Graduates (May 2018)

12 Super Hero Skills Motherhood Gave Me (June 2018)

This is What Depression Feels Like (June 2018)

I Don't Feel Guilty Not Setting Limits on My Kids Screen Time (July 2018)

Published on Perfection Pending

She's Growing Up too Fast (Published December 2017)

The Day I Realized I Forgot my Daughter (Published January 2018)

This is Us Really is the Show All Parents Need (Published February 2018)

Published on Tribe Magazine

Home is Where the Work Is (Published  July 2016)

Letter to My Future Teenage Daughter (Published August 2016)

Published on Lose the Cape

10 Things I've Learned in My Pursuit of Happiness (Published July 2016)

Motherhood on the Other Side of Depression (Published October 2017)

Published on the Red Tricycle 

A Mother's Harshest Critic (Published June 2016)

A Mother's Wish: I Hope you Always Dance (Published July 2016)

Make Momma's Happiness a Priority (Published in July 2016)

To the Ones that Tell Me My Children will Grow Up Too Fast (Published in August 2016)

In the Trenches (Published October 2016)

Why the Housework Can't Wait (Published in January 2017) Top 3 Post of the Week January25

To My Employer...From the Working Mom (Published in January 2017) Top 3 Post of the Week February 1

We ARE America (Published in January 2017)

To the Mom in her Moment of Weakness (Published in January 2017)

You're Going to Need Her in Motherhood (Published in February 2017)

Would I Be a Better Mom If I Stayed Home (Published in February 2017)

Learning How to Fight with My Husband (Published in February 2017)

5 Rules to Enforce after Spring Cleaning (Published in March 2017)

I Want My Kids to Know I Struggled (Published in March 2017)

Reasons to Travel with Your Kids (Published in April 2017)

Why Youth Sports a Must in Childhood (Published in May 2017)

Road Trip Tips (Published July 2017)

Published in Mused Literary Review

The Bettis and Us Story (Published in the Fall 2012 Issue)

The Lost Christmas Tree (Published Winter 2013-2014 Issue)

Roots and Wings (Published Summer 2015 Issue)

Finding My Way to You (Published in Winter 2016-2017 Issue)

Published on BellaOnline

The Importance of telling our Children No (Published on Bellaonline Nov 2012)

Our Role as a Parent (Published on Bellaonline Nov 2012)

Taking Care of You the Parent (Published on Bellaonline Nov 2012)

Talking to Teens about Drinking and Drugs (Published on Bellaonline Dec 2012)

Study Habits for Academic Success (Published on Bellaonline Dec 2012)

Academic Skills for Success (Published on Bellaonline Dec 2012)

Published on Mommy Hot Spot

Making Use of that Child Artwork (Published  Nov 2013)

Parenting Individuality (Published Nov 2013)

The Christmas Expense verse Christmas Magic (Published Dec 2013)

My New Year's Resolution for My Marriage (Published Dec 2013)

Find the Humor in Chaos of Motherhood (Published Jan 2014)

Tackling the Dreaded Spring Cleaning List (Published Jan 2014)

Building Character in our Children (Published in Feb 2014)

Creating a Growth Mind Set for our Children's Education (Published Feb 2014)

Family Planning: How Many and When (Published in March 2014)

Fostering a Healthy Sibling Relationship (Published in March 2014)

Let it Go Until Tomorrow (Published April 2014)

When Is More Enough? (Published April 2014)

Money Spent isn't What Makes it Magical (Published May 2014)

Building a Love for Reading (Published May 2014)

Other Publications

Leniency Limits chance for Learning (Published in the Baltimore Sun April 2008)

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