Sunday, November 19, 2017

Shattered Glass

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The pieces lie there shattered at her feet. Broken glass split her image into tiny reflected pieces , distorting where one part of her ends and another begins. She bends down to begin to gather the broken shards as tears slip down her face as she doubts whether it can be put back together to the wonderful image it once was.

Even if she could piece all the pieces back together again, there would be no way now to hide the cracks of imperfection in it's forever altered image. As she set about putting the pieces back together, she began to notice how the light from the other side blazed through the cracks, giving the shattered glass a new look of wonder and beauty.

She stared  at the broken expression starting back at her in the cracked glass. Her recent darkest truths to herself left her feeling shattered in a million pieces like this broken glass. The truth of her realities shattered her sense of self, breaking her down to the truths she avoided seeing for so long.

But just as that broken glass pieced back together into a new flawed version of its original beauty maybe there was a light and beauty to be found in putting back the pieces of herself to create a new image, constructed of the shards of who she use to be.

Just as there was no way to hide the cracks in the glued back together glass, her cracks as well would remain there for others to see. But maybe in displaying her truths and flaws a new beauty and light would be lit to empower and inspire.  Maybe there would be beauty to be found in her shattered hard truths too just as there was in the shattered glass at her feet.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Join Us for Our Online Mompreneur Shopping Expo

With our modern day social media age an opportunity has been created for moms to build more financial freedom for their families from the comfort of their own homes while they tend to the needs of the household and their children.

Some do this as their only source of income and others do it as an additional income, but either way there are a lot of mom boss ladies out there. I really wanted to be able to support them this holiday shopping season so I'm hoping to do that two ways: one in hosting an online shopping event for others to support their business and two I plan on doing some of my Christmas shopping with them. I also plan to tag my husband with all the things I want him to get me from them as well!

This holiday season next weekend, November 17-19, nine of us will be running sales and specials at our online facebook event here . It's a public event so anyone can come join us and shop. Husbands are very welcome so let them know you might be tagging them with things you'd like for Christmas. But if you're an early shopper or just not very active on facebook or hate getting all the notifications- which we're going to try to minimize by having a set schedule of who posts when so you're NOT hit with 10 notifications an hour all weekend - I have linked below all of our vendors and their sales pages so you can start shopping right now if you'd like or just come back to this blog post during or even after the event to do some shopping. The only thing is there may be certain sales that only run the weekend of the event, but as you know sales tend to run all the time; they just change date by date so happy shopping whether it's now, at our event, or even in the weeks after the event if you're a late holiday shopper.

Now to introduce our vendors:

Myself- I am Angela Williams Glenn, author of Letters to a Daughter - an interactive journal between a mother and her daughter with thirty two mini inspirational essays to inspire conversation between mothers and daughters. No matter what age mothers begin the journal with their daughter, whether she’s young or grown, it will be gift daughters will treasure, as a mother’s words of wisdom will forever be logged here for her daughter to cherish for the rest of her life. You can get the journal for $11.89  right now with checkout code LULU15.

I am also the writer of Moms, Monsters, Media, and Margaritas- a book that examines the perceptions and expectations of motherhood in our 21st Century digital world. Each mother walks her own path with her children.  This book will leave you with a humorous and inspirational look at the individual journey of motherhood that takes each of us from the girl we were to the woman we become. You can get this book for $6.80  now with checkout code LULU15.

Also feel free to join our free facebook community to get daily bits of humor and inspiration in your facebook feed. I am also published in two Chicken Soup for the Soul books for moms, and these as well make great gifts for the teachers and daycare providers in your life so feel free to contact me at about purchasing those directly through me.

Leslea McKillip with Lipsense:

I'm  your Lipsense lady!! Have you heard about Lipsense or senegence cosmetics?!?  I have never been a huge makeup person until about a year ago! I got a couple of tubes of this Lipsense stuff and BAM!! I was hooked. My lips have never felt so amazing!! Choose a color or two and a gloss and you are good to go!! Check out for more details, but please order through me at for the best service!! Thanks so much!

Tammy Gragg with Young Living Essential Oils:

 I am with Young Living Essential Oils. Did you know that Essential oils support all 12 systems in our body! They are used for hormonal, sleep, and emotional support as well!! I use them for cleaning, in my skin products, and my laundry!! Essential Oils are the most powerful part of the plant. I encourage anyone to research the benefits of essential oils!! They are sooo versatile and amazing!!! I have an Educational Facebook Live class once a month that is completely free to attend that explains the benefits and uses of the oils! Please message me, Tammy Williams Gragg to be added to the event! Young Living offers Membership or Retail Option! Here is my link to check out these fantastic oils! Please message at with any questions!!

Erin Staponski with LuLaRoe: I have been with LuLaRoe since 2016. I love to help women feel good in the clothes they wear and life is too short to wear boring clothes. Join my facebook group to catch the latest styles and deals this holiday season and into the new year.

Tara Simpkins with Thirty One
 I will be your Thirty-One Consultant for this shopping expo! If you are not familiar with Thirty-One Gifts, here is a little bit of info! We offer a wide variety of "giftable" products including signature purses, jewelry, totes, and other organizing solutions that help organize your life! Each season we develop new products built on the idea that our products must be functional, fashionable, and make great gifts! We offer our customers unique opportunities to personalize many of our products by adding icons, words, initials and phrases through embroidery, print, and laser etching! The name Thirty-One comes from verses of Proverbs 31. I specialize in helping you find the products that make you happy, help organize your life, and help with finding the perfect gift for that special someone!
Please feel free to browse my site and let me know if I can be of any assistance to you and your shopping needs!   


Jessica Ballenger Hoyle with Scentsy:

Check out my website but contact me directly at to order. I always can offer the best deal on shipping and our products.  

Holly Simpkins with Paparazzi Accessories:

Hi, my name is Holly Simpkins and I am a Paparazzi Consultant. I started out as a customer who was buying jewelry then realized how addicting it was and also realized I could sign up and sell it to others who could and would also love it too. I absolutely love the products that are available and love the fact that there is always new items coming out 5 days a week therefore allowing there to be NO catalogs. Its only available through consultants like myself so please it would be my privilege to be your jewelry lady.

Paparazzi Accessories are trendy, affordable and for all ages including the men in your lives. Also this month only being customer appreciation month, when you shop my online website and spend $35 or more you'll receive a FREE piece


Sandia Pantano with Sandia Pantano Imaging and Photography:

I'm Sandia Pantano, a wife, mommy, OB/GYN Ultrasound Technologist, 3D4DUltrasound Imaging Technologist and Photographer! My love and passion for Newborn and Maternity and Childbirth Photography stems from my past/current field of Ultrasound technology in OB  and 3D4D Imaging. I believe that both require a special eye and passion for and without either, it would not work and because I am a seasoned ultrasound tech of over 10 years I feel very comfortable  working with Maternity and Newborn family/clients! It's what I do everyday! I love having the privilege to work with maternity, family, newborn clients to provide them with precious moments,  captured and frozen in time to cherish for a lifetime.  It's a win win for me all around, especially when some of my patients I see  turn out to be my clients! So its  literally "Photography from the womb and beyond" for some of my patients and I just LOVE it! I am in the Baltimore/DC area  contact me @ 703-581-2044 to set up your holiday mini session appointment for only $65 or "like" my facebook page to enter the holiday mini session giveaway for a free holiday shoot.  

Sarah Ryan with Pampered Chef: I’m Sarah, your Pampered Chef Consultant. After 7 years with PC I’ve learned something really important... everyone eats 😂! Grab great gifts for the bakers, coffee drinkers, pizza lovers, health nuts, wine enthusiasts, experienced and inexperienced cooks, busy mamas, manly men and even the kids in your life right here.  I'm looking forward to helping you find the perfect Pampered Chef gifts and maybe a little something for you too!  

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Stepping into Motherhood Community

One of the greatest roles my dad played in life was coach. He LOVED it. For fifteen years my dad coached probably well over two dozen different girls from their little girl years on the t ball field to their late adolescent years on the softball diamond. He didn't make a buck from this work, but man you knew he loved it. And he was good at it; not so much because we did win more games than we lost, including bringing home some nice hardware from more tournaments than we could count (though he could probably give you the exact number), but he was  good at it because of the way he had about talking to us girls and he just had a way about teaching you about more than just the game.

To some people that's what they remember about my dad- that he was a coach-not what he did to actually make money. Sometimes the things we do and what we're known for isn't connected to the life's occupation we choose to make our money. Our greatest accomplishments aren't always connected to our careers or paying work. In fact, the things we're probably the most passionate about and that have the biggest influence on others is probably something we don't make much, if any, money for.

I've always wanted to be a writer. My mom says since I was in the second grade, and it really was from about as far back as I can remember. Though I've ventured out with sharing my writing five years ago now, I still avoid really "talking" about my writing in person because in the writing world it seems if you're not making boo koo dollars and known by more than your small circle of readers then are you really a writer? This is where I often come back to the example with my dad. No, I am not some rich and famous author.

The thing about modern technology is it allows me to do something I love and connect with moms and readers. I am for the most part a little unknown writer. Though Chicken Soup for the Soup tells us publishing with them makes us a published author, and today's modern world has opened a door for independent authors, I still see myself as a writer, a published writer, but a writer more so than an author. I once read where a writer is something you are; whereas, an author is more a label for an occupation that provides you income. I was a writer as an eight year old kid and now I'm still a writer at 36 years old but with more than two readers these days. I have gotten to work with publishers like Chicken Soup for the Soul and I did work with Disney's Babble top writer on my Letters to a Daughter (who does make six figures writing essays for moms so maybe if I dream big enough maybe one day I'll be her :) ), and those were neat, growing experiences for me as a writer but I'm still just a writer and I'm okay with that.

So I'm not making boo koo dollars from this passion of mine, but I LOVE the connection and community with moms that have resulted from my little passion and that is worth way more than any kind of dollars. I've made most of my income from selling the four books I'm a part of, the second place my income has come from is what editors have paid me to publish something I've wrote, and the last two sources of income I've made has come from ads on my websites and product reviews. Because I'm not here to get rich and retire early, when I first started making any money from my work back in 2014 I wanted to use it to donate so here's the breakdown of how that's gone so far.

The Stepping into Motherhood community- and I say the community because without them I wouldn't sell books to make money, I wouldn't get enough reads to qualify for payment for the articles I have published on other sites, and I wouldn't aquire more readers that possibly buy books themselves or read and share the articles I get paid for- has raised enough money in 2014 and 2017 (I only blogged and didn't publish work for profit in 2015 and 2016)  to donate $75 to a childhood cancer non profit organization, buy a few gifts for an adopt a child one Christmas, $50 to a local elementary school, and now $50 to help a fellow community mom in need. Again I say this is a Stepping into Motherhood effort as it is writing income gained from readers that has led to these donations so thank you for being a part of the community.

I really wanted to use Letters to a Daughter money to help two moms in the Stepping into Motherhood community as they have encountered some of the toughest battles any of us moms could imagine this past year with breast cancer and having a stillborn death. I closed up October's book sales yesterday. I didn't get the initial sales I hoped for, but I think with the holidays coming around there will be more. We were able to raise the first $50 donation for one of the moms of the  Stepping into Motherhood community with the sales these last two weeks of October. I'm hoping with November sales I'll be able to sell enough books to make a $50 donation to the second mom in our community that could use a little help.

Both of these moms currently have GoFund pages at Doty Memorial Fund  and Taking on Cancer with Leslea too if you'd like to make a donation or share them on your personal pages. With the end of October though I've sold over 150 books and if I can hopefully sell out all the ones I have in stock currently I'll reach almost 200 sold books and definitely have the $50 to donate to the second mom of our Stepping into Motherhood community.

If you would like to support my writing and the Stepping into Motherhood moms, you can purchase a copy of Letters to a Daughter here or check out my independent author bookstore. If you're interested in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book contact me at You can also email me at for a discount on three or more copies of Letters to a Daughter or to package any of the four books I'm a part of together.

As always, thanks to my readers, because it is way more fun being a writer with readers than one with no readers!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Girl Mom to Boy Mom: Trucks, Balls, Pensises- Oh My!

"You don't have any brothers, do you?" the pediatrician asked in response to my question about my son's penis.

Nope. I was raised with all sisters. I'd been raising sisters for the past eight and half years until 18 months ago, so yeah, I know very little about penises and everything else around it. My experience up until 18 months ago was very limited in the world of miniature males. But in case my mom may read this I knew absolutely nothing about penises period until at least 18! On second thought, if my dad reads this, I was at least 25! No knowledge of male anatomy! So this boy mom world is a whole new eye awakening experience for me.

What a crazy world it is, too! They're so......different. They're rough, they don't sit still, there's a bit of this untamable, wild spirit about them. The thing is mine is sweet. He's not a get mad and hit you kind of kid; he's a pretty happy kid most of the time. But he'll playfully head butt you because he thinks it's the same as nuzzling you nose to nose. Never had a biter but this one thinks nothing of walking up to one of us and affectionately biting us in the back of the leg or the butt- whatever he can reach- he's not picky. I can be sitting down and he'll jump on my back and have me in a headlock, ready to wrestle me to the floor if he was just a little bigger. All of this in the expression of showing me how much he loves me, not ever because he's mad or angry.

This boy loves his trucks and balls- the sports balls! He'll launch those balls across the room right at you and ram those trucks right into your ankles like he's trying to bulldoze you right over. Silence means trouble is no joke with this guy. He covered our basement in small piles of cat food all over the basement the other day, and  you should never leave a boy alone for long or who knows what they'll destroy. This little guy doesn't mess around either when he tries to take things apart. He got out his dad real screwdriver and was attempting to unscrew the vent to our heater the other day. He's going to be a real fixer upper one day. Let's just hope he doesn't tear down the house in the meantime.

But there is a special sweetness about a momma's boy. He loves to cuddle and rock with his momma at the end of the day. I don't know whether it's because he's the baby or he 's boy but he's a bit needier than the girls when it comes to needing soothed back to sleep though. My husband reminded me the other day that I give him a hard time for babying and giving in to the girls after I once again gave into the poor little guy. But his sisters left him behind and it just broke his poor little heart so I just had to come to the rescue. Those baby boys really do grab at their momma's hearts.

Then, yes, there is the whole penis thing. Why are they so fascinated with it?  They are quite proud of it. Always wanting to touch it. Have to make sure it didn't go anywhere I guess. Apparently there's great pride in being able to stand up to pee too. With this big ole smirk on his face the other day he proudly stands up in the tub just to watch his pee arch back into the bathtub beside where his sister is playing. He thought it was cool; us girls not so much.

This raising a boy thing is a whole new world for sure! I can't wait to see what the years ahead are like because I'm sure this one will keep us on our toes. Look at him though- a little rough, wild, and rambunctious but how could a momma not give this face whatever he wants !

                          Check out my bookstore to get your copy of my newest journal book between mothers and daughters, Letters to a Daughter

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Strength and Power within Her

I have watched some women's amazing stories unfold through my connection with them whether it's been women I've known most of my life, that I've connected with through motherhood or here online, or women I've met through work. I think we underestimate the incredible strength of the woman; I think we underestimate our own strength.

I've watched these women move on from the heartbreak of their love moving on without them to building themselves a life of independence and a fulfilling career in politics, I've watched another realize life is too short to wait on your dreams after the passing of a dear cousin to successfully pursue her dream photography business, I've watched another battle breast cancer with three small children at home and a classroom of little six year olds that she was there for without hardly missing a beat. I've listened to the stories of others that have confided in me the heartache of multiple loss pregnancies but you would never know in the way they bravely carried on or courageously stepped forward to share their stories to help others. I've watched friends my own age say good bye to their parents at their untimely young deaths, yet despite their pain and grief they beautifully told the stories that would keep their parents' legacy alive for others that loved them and their own children . The stories of a woman's bravery and courage could go on for each of us.

These things have the power to break us down. For a bit maybe they do, but I've watched her- very possibly you- gather up those broken down pieces and put them back together into a new even more beautiful masterpiece than you were. Yes the cracks-the scars- are there but they just allow for the power of light within us to shine through now and reach out to the others that may now be empowered and inspired by our stories. It is in those crumbling moments when we've been broken down that we find we are stronger than we ever believed. It is in the moments we rise up, we overcome, and we carry those scars boldly that we tell the story of the power and strength of a woman for ourselves, for those that know us, and for those little girls that watch us.

We don't owe anybody our stories. For those that have bravely shared theirs I am forever grateful because I know the vulnerability in sharing our struggles. I do believe there is empowerment in our struggles. Whatever your struggles may be I hope you've found you are strong and there is bravery in how you carry on.

But it was these stories I've been honored to hear and watch and the awe inspiring strength of the women I know that truly inspired my Letters to a Daughter. No one has to know our stories but if we could bravely share them with our daughters they too can hopefully be inspired and empowered in overcoming the struggles they will face as they navigate broken hearts, chasing career ambitions and their dreams, overcoming the loss of loved ones and pregnancies, and in facing illnesses and battles that will try to hinder their momentum forward in life.

"May we know strong women, may we be strong women, and may we raise strong women," mommas!

My Letters to a Daughter is 25% off this week with coupon code LULU25 at checkout. Daughters, whether younger or older, will love this keepsake of your written stories that you choose to share with them.

                                     Photo credit Sandia Pantano Imaging and Photography