Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to work Day 1: Snot, tears, and a pair of damn pajamas

So today was the first day back to work. Work itself went pretty well. We have this whole week without students to get prepared for their first day next week. I always have a huge appreciation for this whole week because I don’t know many other school systems that give their teachers a full work week to prepare. I always feel a little overwhelmed because there’s so much to do and I don’t know where to start. Set up my classroom, revise my syllabi, plan, create powerpoints, make to do list. As I hit about Thursday I usually feel a little better, and I told myself if I have to go in Saturday this year I will.

Averi had a GREAT first day according to her teacher. When I asked Averi about her first day she said she had lots of fun and when I asked her what she did she said, “I don’t know.” She kept asking, “Do we have to get up early and come to school again tomorrow, Mom.” When I told her yes, she was excited. I wonder how long this will last because my daughter is not a morning person and is usually a pain to get up in the morning. I know she’s only 4! She’s going to be a royal pain about it when she’s a teenager.

Kenz had a good day I suppose too. Once we got home, day 1 attempt on my scheduled plan of attack went better than planned. It did take me over an hour though from the time I left work until I got home from picking up both girls; I was really hoping I could keep that to an hour. Aside from that though, I had a load of laundry done and Nate had dinner on the table by 630, dishes and house was cleaned up around 700, baths were done shortly after, and then we stepped into the twilight zone.

Averi wanted to dress Kenzi, Kenzi wanted nothing to do with Averi, Averi wanted Kenzi to wear a pj outfit that matched hers, and again Kenzi just kept running away yelling, “No! NO!” Nate stepped out of his half hour break in the bathroom, wondering what the hell was going on. I have to say at this point I was just sitting on the couch laughing. Kenz kept running away from Averi to me and Averi is bawling at this point. Like the snot and tears kind of bawling, and Kenzi is just shaking her little fist at her sister. Averi’s wailing, “Why don’t you love me more than mommy?” Averi is very high energy child that seriously rarely tires or gets cranky, but oh my was she a tired, whining, snotty mess. Every time I would step away from Kenzi she would start crying too, wanting her mommy. Finally Nate and I sat down with both of them on the couch, each one holding one, said everyone just missed everyone all day and was tired from getting up early. Then we convinced Kenzi to give Averi a hug.

Their bedtime that is 830 ended up being 745 for Kenzi who asked to go nighty night and Averi is winding down with quiet time now and looking like she’s exhausted enough to hopefully pass out in ten minutes. This first day wore them out; they are two very tired little girls.

So minus the snotty meltdown over a pair of damn pajamas it was a good day, but now I must quit stalling and get to work on those powerpoints, planning, and syllabi. What will the rest of the week bring?


  1. Haha, I can totally see this unfolding! Hopefully they remain tired and stick with early bedtimes for you!

  2. I can SO relate!! I'm glad that I'm on maternity leave this year :)

    Shannon @ Mamamusing

  3. Add ninjas and sword fights and you just described my house. Love that school is back in session, however I think I am more exhausted than my boys.

  4. None of my 4 kids are morning people. Seriously.
    You are lucky to get an entire week to prep before school. In our district, the teachers got 3 days, which is still more than others.
    New GFC follower. Thanks for joining us at Meet & Greet.

  5. My two boys are horrible about going to bed :) They also aren't great about getting out the door on time. I am always running late for the bus since one or both while be determined that they need to take 20 minutes to get dressed. I hope you have a great school year!

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  7. My boys are fine with the daughter is such a night owl that mornings are tough for her. It was easier to control bedtimes when they were often we are in bed before the kids...with teenagers there is always more and more homework to do, and I am sure not all of their time is productive either. One year my daughter missed the bus almost every day...this last year she had a friend who was a year younger drop by to pick her up on the way to the bus stop so she was much better. Fortunately her high school is on the way to my husband's office so I think he will be taking her in the mornings now!

  8. A week to prepare is a wonderful gift as a teacher! We used to get a day, and half of that was stuck in meetings. Blah!
    I could just picture the 2 girls running around fussing about jammies -- cracked me up b/c I can see my big girl doing that if she had a little sister instead of little brother.