Friday, September 27, 2013

OMG, did my kid really just do that?

After my daughter did one of these the other night, I once again amazed at the crazy things that kids do. This list is a generated list from things I've seen my own children do but also what others have shared their child doing.  Have you been horrified by your kid doing one of these?

1. Pick their nose and seriously eat it? Is there some special nutrition in boogers because this is not a one kind of thing?

2. Sticking their hand in the tiolet. Why is it so fascinating to play in the tiolet?

3. Stick their hand in the tiolet they just pooped in to get something they dropped. They so desperately need that 50 cent McDonalds piece of crap back that they not only stick their hand in a tiolet but a poopy public toilet (at least it was their own poop).

4. Sharing their cream cone with the dog. Seriously dog licks, they lick,dog licks again, and they lick again. Dogs lick his own butt and that other thing and area. And the tiolet. Ugh, and they're sharing an ice cream cone.

5. Poop outside behind a tree. Peeing seems to be one thing but pooping outside is just maybe crossing the line.

6. Drop their drawers to pee behind a tree at a public park. Aren't we all guilty when they're little and outside playing to just let them go outside (at least that's what us country people do sometimes)? However, because they lack a filter they have to try this at least once to embarrass you.

7. Eat a crayon like it s a candy bar. What is with the everything goes in the mouth thing? Those crayons must be good though or really chewy because they just keep trying to eat them.

8. Trying to pee like a boy when she's a girl. Not only do guys sometimes admire one anothers but I guess at some point every girl wishes she had one (I think we outgrow that pretty quickly though).

9. Color. Everything but the paper. Themself, the dog, the floor, the wall, the furniture, anything but the paper.

10. Refer to their private parts. Very loudly. In public.

11. Cut their baby sister's hair. The cat's hair. The dog's hair. Our hair while we're sleeping. Their own hair. Any hair those little scissor hands can get to before we catch on.

You know there are more. Share yours.


  1. Ha ha-Oh my! This list had me laughing. Our daughter has actually done #9. I've caught her coloring on things she clearly knew was a big no no. Lol. Other than that she likes to poke at our dog, and just be a little rough. I have to step in and tell her "okay he's had enough." She's also tried putting lip balm on our pug. He of course just runs away. ;)

  2. We let my daughter pee on the side of the road ONE time when she first started potty training because we were on our way to grandma's house and there wasn't a bathroom for another two miles. She now squats and pees anytime we are outside and she has to go. lol

  3. I remember MYSELF coloring the walls of our house as a kid...

  4. OH my goodness! This is absolutely wonderful! I do find it curious that neither of my boys ever considered the whole booger thing, but my daughter on the other hand it is a regular occurrence! LOL! Now my middle son dropped his drawers and peed on my bestie, when he was potty training! We still have a great laugh at that one!

  5. My kids have multiple problems on your list :) My youngest has a problem with peeing in public, when he has to go he thinks a tree is a great place regardless of where it is! I love this post, too funny!!!