Friday, August 30, 2013

The Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus comparison

Read with caution: Ladies, cross your legs! Men, I warned you :)

First off, we all love our husbands. They're cute and cuddly. They really do try for the most part on most days. I never ever doubt what a great choice I made for a daddy for my kids, but after kids that gap between man and woman and their way of thinking just gets bigger and bigger. There are times this whole man/woman partnership thing leaves me shaking my head. Sometimes it really is like they're on one planet and we're on another. Sometimes I think it's a losing battle to try to get them to jump over here and join us on our planet.

Faith Hill once said at a concert of hers and Tim’s that a woman not only has her children to raise but her husband first. I totally get that statement now. A few older been there moms have told me multiple times, “Don’t wait on a man. You want something done you better just do it yourself.” Man planet doesn't function the same way as woman planet.  We walk in totally different shoes than they do, and one young working mom told me,  “He can’t even hold my shoes, much more walk in them.”
Here are few things that must be acceptable on man planet that here on woman planet is kind of irratating, which come on  isn't woman planet the one we're on most of the time. My grandpa once told my husband, "If Momma ain't happy then nobody's happy."

1.       When men are asked what their share of the household responsibilities are they reply with taking care of everything outside. And with the way they stress this everything they make it sound like their EVERYTHING is equal to our laundry, housekeeping, dinner and dishes, and everything else we do. Last I knew our everything wasn’t seasonal or once a week when it is in season. That may be acceptable on man planet but here on woman planet we're not impressed.

2.       After the arrival of children men are all of a sudden very intently interested in keeping the outside meticulously well kept? They can sit there playing video games and watching games on TV but darn it as soon as the baby’s awake and we need them to do something, oh yeah, they still have to go mow that yard.

3.       Every man appears to be convinced that he does more than any other man husband/father  out there. I’ve spoken to several moms and pretty much we’re all told the same thing. By our man. And that is that he does more than most men. Maybe the 1960s man. Doing more than mowing the yard, being in charge of the kids every once in awhile, and helping around the house is the typical man today so sorry I don’t think you doing a load of laundry for a week on top of EVERYTHING you do outside calls for a badge of honor. We're pretty demanding here on woman planet.

4.       Every time we have to be the one late or attend something and they’re in charge, we come home to a grumpy, irritated man? You mean when they can’t escape to the bathroom, yard, or a man cave the constant demands, messes, crying and fighting all while trying to take care of something else sometimes is a little exhausting and frustrating? You mean it’s hard being the one always in charge, the one the kids always come to even if you’re both home?

5. When giving them directions they ONLY follow the directions given? Nothing more , nothing less. For example, this may or may not be my own personal example that recently happened and inspired this whole post. The  directions to him may be to bathe the kids while I cleaned up the dinner dishes and the last of everything for the night. However, sometimes more specific directions are needed. He bathes them but that was it. No brushing the teeth, combing the hair, no pajamas, not even a diaper on the baby. It's a “I did what you told me to do to help, then I had to go to take care of something." Mow the lawn perhaps?
6. My last noted differences here is yes, sex. They're trying to figure out how to get more and we're trying to figure out how to get less. After we've been touched, grabbed, slobbered, and acquired who knows what other body fluids on us throughout the day  that when the house is finally quiet and we have a moment to not be dealing with the demands of our children, there comes man like an eager puppy wanting to know if it's his turn for our attention yet. Yes, there's a turn for them too because they are cute, cuddly, and they should get points for effort, but can we have like thirty minutes to ourselves maybe in our nothing box (see video).

 I recently watched a Mark Gungor comedy video Men's Brains verse Women's Brains on the different wiring of men and women. I highly recommend this. If you're a man and were brave enough to read this, watch the video. You'll appreciate it. Ladies, you'll keep on laughing.

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  1. This is so true!

    I don't know how many times I've asked my husband for help and suddenly he has to poop. For twenty minutes.

    They really do live on their own planet.

  2. I love the comment about how he can't even hold my shoes, much less walk in them. That is awesome.

    And I'm a huge fan of Mark Gungor! He's funny but totally on point. :)

  3. Hahaha I haven't stopped by in a while and the day (well night) I decide to I find this very funny but oh so true post. I'm going to have to let hubby read this. Hope you're having a great weekend.