Thursday, August 22, 2013


No nap= a very cranky, pain in the ass toddler

No AC= two very, cranky parents

No dinner= a very cranky husband, and an I don't give a shit at the moment wife

No lid on a sand train= a fucking disaster all over my house


This all equals no patience and I'm over this week! So I will laugh, you can laugh at me or with me, but either way tomorrow is Friday. And all I can say is Thank God.

Please  tell me I am not the only momma that encounters a wacky equation like this at about the end of every work week. Happy Friday! I think I might have to celebrate mine with a drink. Cheers!


  1. You celebrate girl. It is crazy how some days just are like that. Have a glass of wine tonight. I will join you in Wisconsin!

  2. We have all had weeks like that. Some weeks, I feel like I'm limping into the weekend and the best way to revive and kick it off is with a drink (or two). Enjoy :)