Monday, March 11, 2013

My Dearest Daughters: my sugar and my spice

It is so hard to believe you're 1 and 4 already, and before I know it I'll be thinking how it's crazy that you're 11 and 14 or 21 and 24. This time really is just a blink in time. One minute I want to freeze time and soak in every single baby girl moment and the next I'm so excited to see you start school, play sports, make that first lasting friend, attend those school dances (I'm sure your dad is not excited about that part), and just watch you grow into the beautiful, wonderful young women that I know you'll become. So here's a moment captured in time of the four year old Averiella and one year old Nakenzi.

1. First, I cannot say enough how much I LOVE watching the love grow between the two of you. When I found out Nakenzi was a girl the thing I was the most excited about was that you would both get to experience the wonderful bond of sisters. I'm sure brothers have a special bond too, but as one of three girls myself I know firsthand how incredibly special sisterhood is. You have a lifelong friend right there in your sister. She will be your greatest confident, your biggest supporter, your shoulder to cry on, your listening ear, the one that you know no matter what you can count on. She will also at times be the biggest thorn in your side. You'll be mad that she won't share or include you. But as my own father always said blood is thicker than water and when it comes down to it you'll see that no one picks on your sister but you of course.

2. Averi, you are four going on at least fourteen. You are not a big fit thrower thankfully but you definitely know how to bat those long lashes and manipulate your way to get what you want. You have a personality that people tend to love and don't forget. I always envision you doing something theatrical. I have never been a theaterical person, but singing, dancing, putting on a show, being the center of attention has been your forte since before you could walk and talk.

3. Kenzer girl, where your sister is all sugar you're all spice but I love it. Whereas, most of the time the big sister picks on the little sister, I must be an awful mother because I find it absolutely hilarious the way you just go and take what you want from your sister. You have known what you want from the moment you were born and you are one determine little stinker. I don't really see much standing in your way because you'll just mull it right over to get what you want. You definitely have a little bit of a temper and whereas I see Averi being my drama theatrical girl I see you being the athletic one. Possibly some aggressive sports to work out some of that anger and aggression you carry around. I'm not sure what you'll do in the future but I'm sure you'll do whatever you want to do because you are one headstrong little girl.
                                                            Moments of Sisterly Love

4. You both brighter our days everyday, even in those crankiest, whiney moments, which you both do have on occassion. I always wish I could freeze those "family dinner times" as Averi calls them and capture the laughter and amusement we get from watching the two of you. Raising the two of you has definitely become your father and mine's greatest journey and blessing. We can't wait to see how our story as your parents unfolds but it has without a doubt been an unbelieveable journey to this point. I pray everyday God keeps you safe and healthy and continues to watch over this crazy journey of parenthood that we embarked on four years ago.

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