Friday, May 31, 2013

A story of Averi and her "pets"

Some some may recall this story from last summer. The story of  Averi balling her eyes out because her firefly that she captured in a jar died by the time we drove from our friend's house home to ours. When Nate had to throw it away you would have thought she'd just lost man's best friend of ten years rather than an insect she'd known for ten minutes. She even gave it a name but I don't know remember what it was.

Well, since we've moved to the new house, she is all about catching insects and bugs. She she keeps sneaking these insects and bugs into my house as her pets. I will find them in her sister's sippy cups. Then sometimes because they'll crawl or try to find their way out of captivity she'll trap them in the sippy cup by screwing on the lid. So then I'll find something dead in one of her sister's cups.

Instead of worms, caterpillars, or fireflies tonight she brought in a toad. And she was so excited to show me her new friend. She comes down to the laundry room which is connected to their disaster of a playroom. Mr. Toad of course keeps trying to hop out. And she starts talking to him and telling him, "oh, no, you don't. You stay in there like I told you to." Hmmm, nothing like my mothering words being used by my daughter for her pet frog. Then because she's mad at him, she goes to get the lid to the sippy cup to lock him in the cup. Finding dead worms or bugs in the sippy cups are one thing but I really didn't want to find a dead toad in there later so I tell her not to put the lid on because she'll kill. She unscrews it and out he goes. Into their crazy playroom. So there are the both us chasing it around the room, tripping over crap, and yelling. Me yelling at Averi to get the damn thing before I have a toad lost in my downstairs for who knows how long. Averi read to have a four year old meltdown because she's lost another pet and is mad that he keeps hopping away from her. We finally catch Mr. Toad and she's finally convinced that maybe he'd be better off outside. But before she lets him go she tells me he's a boy and his name is Treebranch. And they'll hang out tomorrow because he's her favorite.

I can only imagine what other creatures will make their way into my house this summer :) . I'm sure if she could catch one of those bunnies running around outside, they'd be in here next.


  1. My youngest tries to take every creature he find inside too :) Toads can be so hard to catch, glad you got it back outside!

  2. Sounds like Haley too. She loves her "pets" so much that she tends to kill them too. At least our cats have survived Haley love - so far!

    I'll tell the story of Haley killing our butterflies soon.... Good times.

  3. Such a cute story! I loved it when my kids were this age. I have one left!!! (my kids ages are 10, 9, 9, 1). I'm following through bloglovin and found you thru bloggy moms.

    Children's facebook friendly:

  4. Better hope snakes stay outside.

  5. We have successfully caught lightening bugs/fireflies in a mason jar. They sleep over for a night, but in the morning we have to let them go so they can return to their mommy and daddy.
    We have also caught butterflies, worms, and snapping turtles (eek!)