Thursday, April 18, 2013

Did you shave your legs for this!

When it comes to the mother to do list all too often it seems like we end up at the bottom. And as much as I love my husband and as much as he helps around the house or with the kids sometimes they just don't get it.

Between work with everyone else's needy kids, my own two crazy and sometimes very whiny children, the laundry that I swear crawls out of the woodwork like roaches or something, the scum that takes on it's own life form in my kitchen and bathroom, and my barely six hours of sleep a night, I'm lucky if I get a shower in for myself every night. And I'm even luckier if I get to take that shower in peace without crying babies or whiny kids in the background or better yet if I get to take that shower alone without my children sneaking their way in there.

So when my darling husbands asks, "Ewww, are  you going to shave your legs? Aren't you going to fix your hair or something? You're wearing that out in public?" Or my favorite two after a LONG day, "You wanna have sex?" or "Why do you seem so angry? Haven't you already had your period this month?"

So here are my answers to those wonder husband questions. First. if I get a moment, A MOMENT, to myself today, maybe even this week, sorry but shaving my legs is NOT at the top of the me list. My shirt? Sorry that it's covered in baby snot, tears, blood from those bloody knees, and whatever else comes out of these adorable little things we call our children. But I either didn't have the time to change it or I haven't had a chance to do laundry. But again what the public thinks of me is the least of my worries right now. Sex? Hmmm, I am so tired right now I feel like I'm running a marathon as fast as I've ever ran in my life and I am in dead last. I haven't had a chance to shower, I probably haven't shaved my legs in weeks, my hair is literally standing on end, the kids are crying, the dog is barking, I just ate a half a pan of brownies for comfort and feel bloated, and I haven't had five minutes to sit down without someone needing or demanding something from me and you want to have sex! And just realize I have my period every Wednesday night through Friday because everything irratates me and makes me mad at this point. And I don't want anything looking at me, touching me, pointing at me, anything! Didn't you just see me terrify the KFC guy for screwing up my chicken? So, yes, come the end of the week, I may be a little grouchy, tired, undesirable, filthy, and maybe a little overwhelmed, but I love you and will be better Saturday. Saturdays are a good day for sex but Wednesdays are not.

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  1. I love "Saturday's a good day for sex but Wednesday is not."

    One of the best mom-isms out there.