Sunday, July 29, 2018

Stepping into Motherhood Is Moving

Stepping into Motherhood is growing up and moving onto a more professional platform with Wordpress. I started here over six years ago in which I started as Time with A & N with probably like two dozen readers.

But years later as I'm starting to get my words on bigger publishing sites I felt I needed a more professional blog platform to support my growth as a writer. Though now I may get my words seen by thousands; I'm still not in the millions yet, it was my readers here that gave me the confidence to keep putting my words out there.

I hope you'll follow Stepping into Motherhood on the new website. Though I am throwing more of my time and words onto paying websites as a freelancer I will still write about life, family, and chaos when the mood strikes me.

I love hearing from readers and can always be reached at Take care, mommas, and I hope to see you on the new site.


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