Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vacationing with my girls

My first week of summer vacation has been well....awesome. It has been sooooo nice to hang out with my girls just here at home. We've been swimming, to the park, rode a boat (water taxi but Averi was excited cause it was a boat), went to explore the ships in the Inner Harbor for the Sailabration, to the drive in, to three cookouts/birthday party with friends. I've been saying surely at some point Averi's just going to drop from sheer exhaustion. We spent one day, a rainy Tuesday laying around on the couch, watching my childhood favorite Mary Poppins, and all the rest have been constant go, and here today when we finally have a slower day she s asked about five times already, "We going anywhere today. Let's go somewhere, Mommy." But for right now she's laying on the couch with her daddy.

                                                    Daddy with his girls at the park
                               Mommy and Averi exploring the ship in the harbor from Mexico
                                    The girls sharing the stroller on our stroll through Fells Point
Speaking of daddy; it is Father's Day today. My girls I have to say have a pretty special daddy. I always say he's such a great girl daddy. Good thing since he has two. He can braid hair, is more about dressing them in girly fashion than me, loves to snuggle and cuddle with them, but at the same time will wrestle and rough house with them, and go out in the yard to kick a soccer ball around or hit a ball. One of things I have come to enjoy as I've started my own family and it keeps growing is to watch the love that is so clearly shown from one to the other. I will never forget the awe Nathan had when he held his first baby in his arms. If you could visually see the moment a person falls in love with another, it was that moment. As I said before, watching the love and bond form between my two girls these last seven months is another thing that has awed me that I hope  I never forget, even when they're teenagers and fighting. As for myself, I know I love them all more than anything and I thank God everyday for this wonderful and beautiful family that has become ours. Getting to have this much spare time to spend with them is another added blessing and I plan on enjoying every day of this summer vacation.

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