Friday, May 17, 2013

Walmart: My frienemy

So first before I start this, I want to forewarn anyone I may piss off. Part of my personal journey through motherhood has been realizing who I am and who I'm not as a mom. There's a lot of the battles of the mom going on in today's society as I once addressed with Moms, get ready to be Judged! and I'll be honest at times these debates make me question my own worth as a mother, but I am slowly realizing I don't need to satisfy anyone's idea of myself but my own. With that being said, I have several mom friends that are very opposite of me. And I love them for that. I respect their decisions and choices. I like to be friends with people different than myself; I do learn things about them, and the world only needs one me (okay, maybe two because I have a mini me now in my little Kenzer girl). So forewarning: the sarcasm that is me is going to come out!

So a blog thing to do I am seeing is recommend and promote products that other moms should try. I have said once before I am not one of those moms. In fact, confession time here. I shop at WAL MART. Oh, my Gosh, I know. That's like the ultimate low of motherhood to some. But I like Wal Mart; it's my frienemy. My husband hates it; criticizes me for shopping there. I'm sure sometimes he wishes he would have married one of those prissy, "I would never step" foot in Wal Mart kind of women. So I'm pretty sure those blog recommendations are not recommending Wal Mart to their readers, but I'm going to tell you why you should shop at Wal Mart.

First, you can go there in your pajamas! I was once standing in line behind a woman in her nightgown! With underwear on underneath, I think. You don't have to get dressed, fix your hair, hell, I'm pretty sure some women don't even wear a bra there. Pretty sure you can't go into those fancy baby stores dressed like that. You have to have your mom skinny jeans and perky boobs that look like they never nursed a kid to go in those stores.

Now, what baby products should you buy at Wal Mart? I know it's bad enough I buy stuff for myself there but I've actually bought real baby products there I know to the horror of some. First, I would highly recommend the baby monitors. Because before you have your baby, you're going to be all niave and think you want to hear and see every little breath your precious angel takes. I'm telling you, no, you don't. When they are screaming their head off you're going to really wish those monitors didn't pick up every sound. The nice thing about Wal Mart's brand is they last for like two months and you didn't spend much money, and by then you realize you don't need to hear everything, and instead of buying new ones to repace the Wal Mart brand you realize you'd much rather be oblivious to the cries and screams. My kids' crib and dresser (well first one anyway) is from WalMart. The first dresser was shit and didn't make it past Averi, but hey, I haven't woken up to the bottom of the crib crashing to the floor yet. And I think Averi's even jumped on it and has laid in it with her sister to read her stories.

Another great Walmart product, is their Parent Choice brand. If you're cheap like me, those cheap diapers and wipes are just as good as those pampers and other brands and you get twice as much for your buck. They hold the same shit as the fancy onces. That crap doesn't come out of their butt any cleaner or different because they're wearing pampers or the walmart brand.

Bloggers are always recommending what to feed their kids or baby food making products. I will tell you what my favorite kid food is. And this is more applauding Kraft than Wal Mart, but as some of you know I have a hard time doing anything that involves touching the stove so the creation of mac n cheese in those little cups that you just put in the microwave are freakin genius. I LOVE those things. They are fast, quick, and the kids eat them. I don't know if they're any good for them but they are a dinner life saver at times. So anyway, Wal Mart sells these and probably cheaper than anywhere else.

So anyway I have a love hate relationship with WalMart. The one here near our new house has the grocery, which is dangerous because I go in for certain groceries and come out with a dozen household decor and kid things that weren't on my list. But I always figured I saved money for shopping there so I could afford a few splurges. Everything is cheaper, but most their crap breaks a lot faster too. And you know if you shop in there for your friends' kids' presents you always feel obligated to rip off the walmart tag and claim you lost the gift receipt so they won't know you took the cheap route in getting their kid a present. (Walmart did give me any compensation for this post even though they should have for all the crap I've bought there over the years)

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Do you love or hate Walmart?


  1. I go to WalMart with a list and only can find maybe half of what was on said list. Our local WalMart is always under-stocked.

  2. We have the best Walmart! It is brand new, huge, and has everything. I love being able to buy fruit, milk, household goods, and craft supplies at the same place. I'm a "spend as little time as possible shopping" kind of mom.

  3. I despise Wal-Mart & have not been in one for years. But I hate for reasons that are different than your other Wal-mart pals. My dad has worked for K-Mart longer than I have been alive. I was born and raised to be a hater! Plus, Target diapers are actually a better buy when you calculate the cost per diaper. Their Pull-ups are a good buy also. I never buy food at Target unless its a special item like spices. I grocery shop at Aldis!

  4. I approve of your love of Walmart! ....but I'm not the mother of the year so I dunno if my approval matters much. Haha

  5. Hahaha. My sister calls it mom-mart. I don't do much grocery shopping there, except for when I want name brand things because it is cheaper. I do shop there for household items and kid things. Truthfully my girls out grow these items before they break.