Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stupid ass

So I"m trying to take a shower in peace, which in motherhood, at least in my motherhood experience, is about damn near impossible. So in marches Averi. Literally marching, playing the "tuba" with the vacuum cleaner hose. It was as annoying as any little kid attempt at any real instrument. Earlier I had to listen to her and Kenzi playing in the pot band. And no I don't mean they were tokin it up. They thought they were rockers banging the kitchen utensils on the kitchen pots as loud as they possibly could.

I'm trying to ignore the racket as much as possible and enjoy my five minute shower. But then I hear the words "stupid ass" come out of Averi's mouth. Whoa! Mommy ears go up on high alert. My wild, crazy child might be a little wild but she has never been a potty or sassy mouth child. So what the hell was she referring to as stupid ass, especially with her sister in there with her. Was she calling me or her sister a suptid ass?  Five minute shower cut to three. I start drilling her with questions on why she's using the term "stupid ass". Turns out daddy called her fairy movie a "stupid ass movie" and she doesn't like that word, and "Mommy, my fairy movie is not a stupid ass movie!" Well what I really wanted to say was, "Yes, honey, it is a very stupid ass movie." I'm sure my husband didn't call it a stupid ass movie to her but maybe he subconsciously did when he didn't think she was paying attention. I love how you don't realize you say things until your kid says them to you and you learn that they learned it from none other than you. Either way he was right and bad words or not some of those little kid shows are pretty stupid and super annoying.

But between that and pretending to make kangaroo blood earlier from watching too many episodes of Supernatural with her dad I'm thinking her and her dad need to quit watching TV together.


  1. LOL, there is a no cursing rule in my house but hubby sometimes forgets as well. So far I haven't heard any accidental swearing from the kids and my 16 month old isn't talking yet but it won't surprise me if she repeats something daddy says. Too cute. Now what was that "stupid ass fairy movie" so I don't watch it? :)

  2. It was something awful on Netflix. She'll always call us out for even using the word stupid. I'm awful with the word damn. I keep waiting to hear that come out of her mouth at some point.

  3. That sounds like something my husband would let slip :) Some of those shows on Netflix are so dumb!!!

  4. Yeah, we never realize how much they catch onto until it is WAY too late! I really enjoyed reading your blog and cannot wait to read more! I am definitely a follower :)

    Please stop by and check out mine if you have some extra time <3

  5. Cracking up! Nothing more adorable than a cursing kid, except they aren't supposed to do many conflicting emotions hahaha.