Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The life and perception of a four year old

Back to school is right around the corner. Around the corner in less than five days. My girl will be starting Pre K this year. I have an issue with time. It really goes way too damn fast. If I think about it too much I seriously start freaking out about how fast it goes. I cannot believe my baby is not a baby anymore. I recently videotaped an interview with her, but couldn't figure out how to load the video so here is her four year old perception of life. I would love to do this with her at the beginning of every school and do it with Kenz when she gets older.
Me:Tell everyone who you are.
Hi, I’m Averi. I have a little sister named Nakenzi and I want to have a baby brother.
Mom: How many kids will that be?
Averi: Three and then daddy will be like meany mommy.
Mom: Having kids makes mommy mean? (I guess according to Daddy.)
What were your favorite things about this summer?
Averi: I love to go to Disney Junior and see all kinds of princesses and stuff.
Mom: Watch Disney Junior? What else?
Averi: Going to Nanas. I love to play at my house. Addi Rae came to my house at spring.
Mom: Addi came this summer with who?
Averi: Nene, Papa, and everyone else. 
Mom: What else?
Averi: Eating cerel and stuff.
Mom: Okay, what else?
Averi: Mrytle Beach and the Aquarium.
Mom: Did you like the aquarium.
Averi: Yeah, we saw fish, sharks and mermaids!
 What is your favorite things to do with daddy?
Averi: My favorite thing to do with my daddy is color with him.
Mom: What else do you do with your daddy?
Averi: Reading Winnie the Pooh. Plant a garden. We planted a garden!”
What are your favorite things to do with mommy?
Averi: “I like to color with you. Go shopping!”
Mom: “Yes, I take you with me to the grocery store almost every time I goand we have fun, don’t we?”
Averi: “Yes, and we bake cookies.”
Mom: “Yes, we spend time together baking all that stuff that’s not good for us and we like to eat the dough or batter when daddy’s not looking”
What are your favorite things about your sister?
Averi: “I get her milk, cereal, and I change her diaper.”
Mom: What do you like about her?
Averi "She's my best friend."
What are you excited about this fall?
Averi: I’m going to school!
Mom: Are you excited?
Averi: Yeah!
Mom: What else comes in the Fall?
Averi: Halloween!
Mom: What about watching football with Daddy? Are you excited about that?
Averi: Yeah!
Mom: What team do you cheer for?
Averi: I don’t know.
Mom: Okay, we won’t let your dad see this part of the interview. Steelers, remember?”
If you could be anything what would you be?
Averi: “I’m going to be Cinderella, Nakenzi’s going to be a dragon, and Benjamin’s going to be a knight.”
Mom: “That’s your Halloween costume. Besides Halloween what would you want to be?”
Averi: “I don’t want to be a princess. I want to be fairy!”
Now that you are starting school what are you excited about?
Averi: I’m going to make friends. I love to make friends.
Mom: What else will you do with your friends?
Averi: I will play with my friends. We will go outside and play more.
Mom: What do you hope to learn? Your parents are teachers so we do want to know what you hope to learn?
Averi: Read books. And make clothes.
Mom: You do love clothes. What else?
Averi: I will miss my little sister. She will be at Miss Kate’s but when she grows up like me she’ll go to school!
Mom: What are going to start doing at home when you start school? Are you going to sleep in your own bed?
Averi: Yes but I will miss your bed, mommy.
Mom: It’s okay you can sleep in my bed as long as you want. You can be my baby for as long as you want.
                                            Averi and her best friend (aka her sister) at Niagara Falls
My babies growing up way too fast for their mama.

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  1. My youngest is 4 and says the funniest things also :) Your kids sound adorable!