Sunday, August 23, 2015

Looking ahead to Fall and Balance!

Even though I'm sad to see summer go, and I am really not looking forward to winter again (last year's was so long, cold, and snowy), I am excited about Fall and the school year ahead as a whole. I knew last year job wise was a transition year. I took a position I knew was temporary that I hoped would lead to something I'd really want full time. And it did! I am very excited for my first full time position at the school I loved working at part time last year.

After years of so many transitions and adjusting to those transitions I'm really looking forward to a year of feeling settled. Nate's in a new position, but it's a position that's moving him ahead in his educational leadership goals so aside from me needed more at home to give him the flexibility he needs to move forward things should be fairly balanced. I am so looking forward to that balance. As a working mom, balance is something I have struggled with for years. Mainly because I thought I needed to be the super clown of the circus show that could juggle way too many balls. But I am done with all of that; we are in place where I am needed more at home and less in the financial security department. No more grad school, no more coaching, no more teaching the college class ( I will miss that though), no more sharing a car to save gas money but wasting time, no more running 15 minutes out of the way to pick up kids in different locations. I got a sense of this last year after the holiday break, and it was fabulous. With my assigned teaching schedule for this year and being home with the girls by 4:00 every day I should enjoy something I've craved for so long: balance.

If the experience of it last year showed me anything it was me being balanced is not just a benefit to myself but to the girls, to my marriage, and to the running of this whole house. We all make the different choices we make because of what's best for our families, and even though at one time I was more ambitious with what I wanted to do there was a point I overwhelmed myself so much I found myself totally burnt out. Between the motherhood choices of working or staying at home, I was at one point confused because here's what I learned. I enjoy my work so much more when I don't let it consume me and my time. I have found an enjoyment for my work again which makes my heart happy and even though there are still stressful days knowing I have time with my family in the evenings and on the weekends gives me the peace I think I was missing.

There's more than just balance to look forward to this Fall too. Not only am I needed more at home because of Nate's new position but my girls are getting older and busier. Averi starts soccer again next week, she'll finally have the horseback riding lessons we've been trying to set up since June this Fall, she talked me into letting her join Girls Scouts, and I think she wants to try out for her school's talent show late this Fall so her and her dad need to figure out some song for her to do. On top of that her school constantly has family evening events that I'm sure we'll be attending at different points. This is the last year of it just being Averi's activities. Kenz will be old enough to start soccer and tball next year and will be in school the year after that so in about two years it's going to get kid busy crazy (but I LOVE it).

Mine and Nate s birthdays are this Fall but more importantly  Kenzi's fourth birthday is this Nov, and her party is just one of almost every single weekend between now and New Year's that is full with something ( I think we have one or two weekends left open in Nov). On top of Ave's activity schedule, Nate is playing in a 30 and over men's baseball league on Sundays. We have an out of town trip each month Sept-Dec. Spring through Fall is always extremely busy for us, and as you know I love it that way. But it's also usually why I'm ready for hibernation for the next two to three months come January. When our week nights aren't busy with kid activities and weekends with family plans Nate and I will be catching up on this Fall's line up of shows that we're looking forward to as part of our down time together. Our shows include Nashville, Blacklist, Empire, and our favorite Walking Dead. If we can watch the first three seasons before season four starts hopefully we'll be adding Chicago Fire and PD to that. Let's not forget it's Steelers season again and what's looking like another Blue October with Royals play off baseball! Add in the changing leaves, apples and pumpkins, sweaters and boots, and anticipation of the holidays I'm pretty excited for this time of the year.

Happy soon to be Fall, everyone! Hope it's a great time of the year for you and have a great school year!

                                                                       Fall 2012
The Fall that trying to get them in a picture together was a hilarious disaster.
                                                  Fall 2013 after Averi gave Kenzi a mullet
                                           Fall 2014: The Fall picture that wasn't a disaster.

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