Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good bye, 2013!

Hard to believe another year has passed us by. People are always telling me the older you get the faster time goes. That is seriously no joke. As much as I'm always looking ahead with anxiety or excitement or planning for this or that, time could seriously slow down. I sometimes dread the long haul of winter after the holidays because it feels like the long drag of the school year, it dark and cold outside, and sometimes I think I have that seasonal depression disorder because it s just too slow and boring for me. For those that know me well know I don't do boring or even relaxing very well. I am a go go, how busy can I be person. But I'm also realizing the busier we are the faster time seems to go so I ve decided I'm okay with this winter taking her sweet time. So 2014 might start out kind of boring over here at Time with A & N. I'm sure it can only be so boring with my two kiddos though.

2013 was a stressful but good year. We finally made the move we had been hoping for for three years. Nate completed his coursework and passed his test for his masters degree and Adm certification. We started our ninth year of teaching in Maryland, year 10 for me total. We each found our way back to the hobbies that have been our passions forever but had abandoned the last few years by each starting our own websites. Mine of course is this one and his is his photography site at Point Click Capture Photography. We both earned a little extra money with them and hope to see that continue in 2014.

The girls are of course our biggest pride & joy of 2013. Who knew you could love someone so much that can still drive you so absolutely crazy!? Averi has become quite the big girl and she is such a HUGE help with her little sister. Kenzi adores her and looks up to her so much. They both love the outdoors, coloring, going to the library, dolls and barbies and everything girlie. Averi has really started to improve a lot with her gymnastics this year and will get o move up a class in 2014 and Kenzi will be starting as well in the next month or so. They keep us busy and on our toes but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We're looking forward to 2014 as I see it being another big year for us with Nate hopefully getting a new promoted job, Averi starting kindergarten, and Kenzi making that transition from toddler to little girl (insert sad momma face here) as I expect her to conquer potty training, sleeping in a big girl bed, and becoming more of a talker as she works her way towards three, and maybe starting the planning for the last and final Glenn baby. I don't look for it to make an appearance in 2014 but maybe more of a decision on if and when. Overall, it's been a great year for us here and we have much to be thankful for as we close this year and move towards a new one.

So as we wind down the 2013 school year, I thought I would take a moment to not just reflect but reshare the Time with A & N's Top 20 posts of 2013. Here are the first 10. I will share the Top 10 later.

#20 is  Did you Shave Your Legs for This? This was a post inspired by husbands and those things they just say that maybe they shouldn't.

#19 is Wife vs Mother A look at the battle of maintaining the role of wife when taking on motherhood.

#18 is Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus Comparison A comical look at how we really are SOOOO different.

#17 is Mother to Mother As mothers we are our harshest critics.

#16 is Maybe not one of My Finer Parenting Moments Just one of many mom fail moments over here.

#15 is I love my kids but you know you think about it too!!! Just another day of chaos in the Glenn house but you know I'm not alone!

#14 is The Journey to Loving Two Different Children a serious look at loving multiple children the same.

#13 is Hey, Coach, you Missed the Call a post about sweet dear old dad.

#12 is 5 Rules to Enforce after Cleaning the House. I think all moms should print this one out and hang it on their fridge. HAHA

#11 is The College Expense Debate Everyone loves a good argument. Is this one in your household?

The Top 10 Post will have a year in review of pictures. But here they are playing dress up.


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  1. A little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! It sounds like you had a great year! And possibly an even better one ahead! :-) Looking for forward to reading about it all! :-)