Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Best Day EVER!

On an almost daily occurrence Averi says, "This is the best day EVER". Except for yesterday when she kept getting in trouble for her attitude and not wanting to help cleanup. Then it was "This is the WORST day EVER!" Just as I'm glad she has no idea how bad and rough life really can be, I'm glad she finds such enjoyment out of simple every day things.

So today it was the best day ever because I took her and Kenz for a walk down the dirt road behind our house. We usually walk to the house farm that sits back there and then back so it's probably close to two miles. Along the way they walk through the little meadow that we pass picking daffodils and dandelions and jump and splash in every little mud puddle and stream we can find. The whole trip is usually a good hour and half.

But the trip down is always like the best day ever for them and me. It's peaceful, they're running and laughing. It's the simplicity of life at its best. However, the trip back is like the supposed "worst" day ever. It's a what was I thinking moment because they're crying, needy, and demanding. At this point Averi is literally soaked from her toes to her waist. Walking a good mile back in wet pants is never fun. Kenz's little legs will carry her down the hill, but she was pretty adamant about not making it back up the hill. I was now lugging my resistant, whiny toddler the mile home up HILL. Averi was now saying, "Next time I don't want to go!"

"But I thought this was the best day EVER?"

"No. I can't make it. I'm tired. My pants are wet."

"Can't isn't a word in this family. Start moving, girl." This is after an hour before when we started our walk and she told me she would carry Kenz and I told her she couldn't she responded with "Don't tell me what I can't do. I can do it!"

She paused for a minute and then she decided she could too do it so off she went ahead of me in a sprint on the last stretch home. As the house came into sight I finally convinced Kenz she could walk the rest of the way. She got down and started running towards her sister excited for the finish line of home too.  And yards from the house, she face planted on the asphalt

                                                  And that's the end of the story "The Best Day Ever"
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