Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Health & Fitness Check in Week 2

By Taking It Back with Insanity got positive feedback and gave me support so I decided I'd give weekly updates as I go through this new fitness and healthier eating journey I've started. I am two weeks into my nine week goal of completing the Insanity workouts and running a 5k at the end, which I still have to sign up for.

I have either done insanity or jogged/walked 1-2 miles every day but this past Sunday for the last 15 days. Everyday. I have never in my adult life worked out that much. I don't expect it to continue as my schedule picks up in mid August, but I'm hoping I can stick to at least 5 days a week from mid August to mid September. Just from the end of week 1 to the end of week 2 I lost 4 lbs. I'm not sure what I lost from the first week because I didn't weigh myself. I know. I should have, but I have to be honest I haven't wanted to step on a scale for  the last year and a half. If I could keep up an average of 3 lbs a week for my remaining 7 weeks by the end of my first 60 days I'll be down to within 10 lbs of what I weighed before the girls and in the average BMI category for my height. From there I'd like to think I'd be in the habit of eating better and have found a workout that works with my busy mom life in order to hopefully lose the last 5-10 lbs and maintain it from there out.

Working out isn't where I worry about "falling off the wagon" so to speak. I know from my past that I can make working out a habit. I just have to make it happen as a mom, and I believe I can do that now. I am huge fan of the Beachbody workout videos, especially with my choice to combine it with outdoor walking/running, when that is convient with my schedule and the weather. I really think it is the answer to my too busy mom problem.

I do worry about how consistent I can be with the eating.  I could never be a completely clean eater. However, I eat way too much sugar and would like to make healthier choices. I can't do diets and if I feel like I can't eat what others are eating I would feel like I'm on a diet, which is a fail for me. I have two friends/cousins doing their own fitness and health journey at the moment too in which we share support,  resources,  and ideas. As suggested by my friend,  I am shopping for smarter snacking options because if I have good stuff to snack on I will. But when we do things as a family such as s mores like we did Friday I am using self discipline to not overindulge so I had one. I also ate out this weekend in which I still ordered the same things, but I did think about portion control.  I Do Not like to waste food. To me it s like wasting money, and anyone that knows me well knows I stretch every penny that comes in this house as much as I possibly can so I'm working on being okay with not eating everything. I've been keeping a food journal in which I write down what I eat and count calories. During the week last week, I was eating between 1500-1800 calories a day. Over the weekend though I averaged 2100 calories a day for Saturday and Sunday so obviously I have better self discipline during the week.

But Monday, I got back on track with not only picking up with my workout after my first rest day but only eating 1500 calories. I am still searching for more snacking options, and since I know have three friends selling beachbody I'm pretty sure I'll be checking out the Shakeology product at some point when I decide I want to part with my money. I'm not sure how long I'll keep the food journal. At least for these first sixty days, and then it'll probably depend on where I'm at in relation to my goals and how confident I am on whether I can commit to being consistent with eating better without a daily results sheet telling me how I did. The WebMD Food Journal for now gives me accountability for myself. Writing in here is also going to give me accountablility, as well as my good friend here where I live who invited me into her secret fitness club :) and my cousin in which we check in and cheer each other on every other day or so. This companionship of feeling like we're in this together too I think will also be a huge help in helping me be successful this time. It's been another reminder to me in this journey of motherhood and womanhood how much we really do need each other.

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