Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It s the Little Moments that Make Life Big

"It s the little moments that make life big" is the quote that hangs on my sister s wall. As I said in my previous post Livin the Dream I believe in the dreamers; I cheer for the dreamers, but I also believe so much in everything in between.

While I was home I finally went through a box of old photos and keepsakes from my childhood and adolescent years. There are different moments and different people that made that chapter of my life the beautiful memory that it now is. Now as I move through adulthood and embark on raising my own children, those moments with certain people are still what enriches mine and my children's lives now.

I got to spend an afternoon hanging outside on a gorgeous summer day with the friend I've had since the fourth grade watching our kids play together all afternoon.  I got to take my daughter out on the ball field I can still recall stepping onto for my first day of tryouts my freshman year. I got to watch my dad pitch the ball to her to hit. I caught an old high school friend at the ball field I hadn't seen in person in five years. I enjoyed a whole afternoon at the K with my whole family.  Sat around the bonfire until 2 in the morning laughing and enjoying the company of my family and one of my dearest friends. I rocked each of my girls asleep around that fire. I got to see my 86 year old grandparents' eyes light up with the enjoyment of seeing their grandkids. I got to watch my kids spend hours splashing in the water and playing with my sister and cousins' kids. I see how content it makes my parents to just have their whole crew together.  I got to see my aunt who the last time was just facing a cancer diagnosis smiling and thriving on her road to recovery post treatment.  

They are little moments. People don't tell you congratulations or job well done for those moments.  The big job or promotion is important.  Buying that house is maybe a dream come true. Vacations are something to be excited about and some trips are the trip of a lifetime.  But all those big things would mean nothing without the little moments and the people in those moments. It is the little moments that make our lives big, that define our lives.

I remind myself everyday to take stock of all the little moments from that day that made it a good day, that makes life the big grand thing that it can be. Here are some pictures from our little moments.

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  1. Lots of happy family times shared there, the outdoors is a wonderful backdrop to family fun #Shine

  2. Beautiful pictures! So thankful to see you enjoying the little moments! So important!

  3. Such beautiful photos and so important to savour and enjoy all of those little moments.

    Thank you for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.