Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Story of the Bloody Nose

I am actually not completely sure what the story of the bloody nose is. I was getting ready to get in the shower, I thought I had left the girls watching TV on the couch, and Nate was downstairs watching TV. Next thing I know I hear him hollering, "What happened?!?"

I wander out of my room, wondering what now? Can't we just have a quiet evening at home?  At the sight of blood gushing out of my two year old's nose I realize I guess that's too much to ask for. She was bleeding like crazy. It was on Nate, all over her. She had it smeared on her forehead somehow. Averi is as bewildered as we are to what happened because I guess she ended up going downstairs to watch TV with Nate and Kenz went into the playroom.

Trying to ask a two year old what happened is about impossible. First of all, not only does she speak a baby foreign language half of the time but she was upset. When she gets upset she stops breathing. Her eyes were doing their usual roll back in her head that they do when she's getting ready to pass out (I know most parents would freak out at a passed out kid but this is kind of normal for her). We managed to get her to calm down enough that she didn't pass out.

I went in search of what possibly caused this bloody nose. I followed the trail of blood to a blind rod laying on the floor in which the tip of it was smeared with snot and what looked like a little bit of blood. I took it upstairs to ask Kenz what happened with it, and apparently when you are two shoving a blind rod up your nose is cool. Where do kids get these ideas? I don't even know where the blind rod came from. I think it fell down a few days ago and the girls were using it as magic wand. Maybe she was trying to do a trick. Like shove it up her nose and see if the whole thing disappeared. They did go see a magic show a month ago.

Now here we are two days later and even though her nose is not gushing blood anymore we are still wiping blood out of her nose. I am not an injury panic parent. If they're not bleeding or bones sticking out of their bodies I tell them be tough and get up. Growing up with my parents you had to have a broken bone for about three days before my parents would maybe be convinced you needed to see a doctor so I guess maybe I come by this honestly. I guess my question is should I be concerned her nose is still bleeding a little?

So yes I'm really on a roll with this parenting thing. I have one that barely missed stabbing her eye out with a stick from the sled riding incident according to my husband (rolling my eyes here) and now one again according to my husband that could have poked her brain and caused herself brain damage (really is that possible?)  Crazy kids. They need some bubble wrap.

                                                             "I'm innocent, really!"
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