Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Midweek Confession: The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Edition

My working mom balance dream come true: So this is so simple, but getting Ave off the bus every day is a working mom dream come true that I didn't even really know I had until I had it. The majority of my working mom of two life had been so unbalanced and inconsistent before with Nate in grad school and me picking up extra work that being able to be home every single day when she gets off the bus has just been the most simplistic amazing thing these past few months.

I'm scared shitless of a third baby but really want one: I've made no secret of our desire to have a third baby and our trouble with having one. When I envision our family I love the idea of the larger family when they're older, past the infancy stage. I've always wanted a lot of kids, and I really do like them when they're about two and get their own cute little personalities. Due to the concerns now with carrying a baby and then some very simple but scary for a quick moment complications at Kenzi's birth pregnancy gives me a bit of anxiety. But I'm even more horrified of the year of infancy that follows. Babies are so much work. I just got my working mom groove back, and I get to sleep. All my poor sister tells me when I talk to her is she's so tired and never gets any sleep.

I love facebook: Not only to stay in touch with people, and I know maybe we all do sugar coat things at times and share more of the happy than sad. But damn it life is tough so I love seeing so many happy people. Seeing my friends happy and enjoying life makes me happy and makes me want to make sure I'm living a life in whatever way makes me happy too. We all deserve happiness, and I've heard many complain and defend the plethora of beach body posts that fill the newsfeed.  And honestly, maybe for a minute I hate them too because I just can't give up my addiction to reese's peanut butter cups. But then I think good for them; I don't really hate them. I actually admire them. That takes a lot of discipline and even if I'm not willing to give up my peanut butter cups, I can still admire their dedication and use it as inspiration in other parts of my life that may require dedication and sacrifice ( just not of peanut butter cups).

Small town pride amuses me: As a small town girl myself and now experiencing a tight knit community again with where we live and in teaching in a community so many here rave about, I love to see so much pride in one's community, and I hate to see when one trashes their community. Yes, they all have flaws but just like people choose to see the good in them rather than the bad so much. However, with that being said none of them are the ONE greatest place on earth as much as you may think. It may be the greatest place on earth for YOU, but just like we are all uniquely different and offer great things to the world so do a zillion other places across the planet. But it's still awesome to have pride in small towns so don't be tearing down that small town.

I'm a liberal: There I said it and some of you are probably running the other way now, but some conservative statements like the one I heard today that said, "The liberals are going to destroy America" got my liberal self all up in arms (puns attended but for all political purposes I do strongly support the 2nd Amendment Right so I guess I'm a conservative liberal). Honestly I find politics and religion kind of hypocritical. You do not have the right to bear arms to protect yourself but you do have the right to kill a fetus. I'm not saying necessarily that I'm pro choice or pro life but the split between those two ideas between the two parties just floors me. God I believe wants us all to just love one another yet every religion is constantly crucifying one group or another for not believing a certain way. Follow us or go to hell. I could have a whole post on the hypocrisy of religion and politics so I'll just go get a peanut cup for now to calm myself down.

I like to toot my own horn: If we don't, who is going to? The world will do it's best to knock you down. I know what it's like to totally lose confident in myself. I've seen what low esteem does to someone I love very much. Why not share our excitement for our successes; why not pat ourselves on the back every now and then. Let's just be happy for ourselves and for each other, people!

Share your latest confession or success below.

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