Friday, April 24, 2015

The Degrees I Didn't Know I Needed for the 21st Century Mom Competition

Social Media and the hype surrounding it sometimes amuses me. I have no hope of competing in some of the mommy war races so I tend to rather amuse myself with my own shortcomings rather than getting my panties all in a bunch about what other moms are doing to supposedly "one up" the rest of us. So here is a list of things I didn't realize I needed a degree in to compete  in today's 21st Century Mom Competition.

A Degree in Pinterest Crafting: I do not have a crafty bone in my body. This was proven once again when I had to help create a team banner for Ave's opening parade for little league.

A Degree in Party Planning: Hello, wal mart party aisle. I guess that's not cool anymore for today's mom.

A Degree in baking: My baking expertise with the girls begins and ends with Nestle chocolate chip cookies. Every now and then we expand our horizons with some brownie or cake batter. Other than that there is no fancy cake decorating or pie making happening over here.

A Degree in Style and Pampering: I have never been a girly girl (I do wear dresses now though) but I didn't know I'd have to clean myself up for public appearances (aka social media pictures) with fashionable clothes like "skinny" jeans and tall boots (which I do own and wear) and fix my hair, which I have yet after 33 years figured out how to tame into something beside an unruly mess (which my husband told me the other day I should do something with because it made me look like a tired, out of sorts mom). Then how to dress a child in style and fashion is a whole new degree certificate or something on top of the one in personal style and fashion.

A Degree in Pinterest Period: Or wait is that where I should go to get this 21st Century Mom Degree in the first place?

Or how about a degree in embracing and being happy with just ourselves.

                                                    Let's just go for a Mom Degree in Silly
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  1. I love this too! I was laughing the whole way through! Thank you, Angela!