Friday, November 9, 2012

My tinkerbell doesn't fly :(

So I got to leave work the other morning in order to spend it in urgent care with little miss Averi. My child that thinks she can fly like Tinkerbell. She has these green tinkerbell wings that a friend got her last year and she had put them on the night before. I remember her having them on, and I remember her complaining when she came downstairs later that her knee hurt. At that point she was sitting at the computer desk and I thought she had bumped her knee on it and was just whining about it. And the next morning when we all got up to go to school and work together, she was whining and crying about it still. But again, she whines and cries every morning so I pretty much just yelled at her to quit whining and hurry up before she made me late to work. If you know Averi, you know she can be quite the little actress anyway. She s dramatic about everything. When Nate went to drop her off at school and she was still whining about her knee hurting, the teacher felt around her knee and found this nasty, weird lump behind her knee under the skin. And it was the teacher that said "Um, you should probably go get this looked at." So a day later, I come to the realization "oh, she maybe actually hurt herself." On the way to urgent care I asked her what was she doing again to hurt it. And when she said "Mommy, I was just trying to fly off my bed like Tinkerbell" those wings from the night before all of sudden made sense. Needless to say, she doesn't fly so well. At first the doctor thought she had just a sprained knee but then after evaluating x rays, he referred us to an orthopedic specialist because he was worried about a possible tear. So now we're going to see the specialist next Friday.

Quite, honestly, I'm surprised it took three and half years for the first injury incident with that girl. How do things like this and my not even one year old infant that is suppose to be in her crib end up sitting at the top of the stairs with her big sister? Well, I don't know. I'm cooking dinner, doing the dishes,  picking up the toys,  throwing in a load of laundry, or I'm givng my brain a five minute break and chatting on facebook. And that's how things like Averi thinking she needs to rescue her sister or attempt to fly happens. If you know her, you know she's a pretty well behaved child but very smart and just a tad adventurous.

A few weeks earlier I was downstairs doing a load of laundry. I knew Kenz had woken up from her nap so I told Ave she could go visit and make her happy like she usually does until I came up there. Instead when I started up the stairs, I found them both sitting at the top of the stairs. Averi had Kenzi on her lap, ready to go down the stairs sled ride style. Nate was also up there laying in our bed at the time so after first I thought  he got her out of the crib. But no. Averi said, "She wanted out, Mommy, I was just helping her." Oh, yes, Averi to the rescue for her little sister. I stil don't really know how exactly Averi got her out. I'm thinking maybe Kenz is the one that has Tinkerbell wings because I know Ave had to get in the crib with her and lifted her over the rail. And I guess dropped her to the ground. Maybe a little pixie dust helped in her landing.

Hopefully, the specialist finds Ave's knee to just be sprained. And maybe she learned a lesson that she's not quite in the same league as her Disney heros. In the meantime, I guess there's no time for napping on the job of parenting A & N because you never know what the two of them will be up to next.

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  1. What a great story.
    I'm new to Top Mommy Blogs and found you there.

    Thanks for the laugh! :)