Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Days are Long and it's Great!

I'm pretty remote control/TV illiterate. Now with everything on DVR we watch almost every show on fast forwarded commercials. Except for half of the time it continues fast forwarding through the actual show , and I'm left fighting with the pause and rewind button. This is about the way my life has felt all too often in the last few years. When you're busy, time flies, and there have been way too many days where I felt I was living on fast forward and for the life of me could not find the pause or rewind button.

The first two years Averi was born I coached volleyball in the Fall while Nate coached in the winter and spring. The year Kenz was born was probably the most slow paced, well balanced year I've had in six years of motherhood. I just taught that year with no extracurricular commitments, typically getting home around 3:30. For the five months I went back to work to finish the school year after Kenz we had a friend nanny for us, and let me say having someone at your home to take care of the kids is such a huge help on so many small levels that it really adds up to a huge convenience. But starting the following year, which was the year we moved, was the first year I had the girls in two different places with Averi starting preschool, and then with the move I started  picking up extra work again two days a week to help with money while Nate also started his graduate program.  To also help with money during this time we would carpool a few days a week which involved me and the kids waiting for Nate for an hour or so. Then last year even though I didn't have extra work the second half of the school year the girls were in two opposite directions that it took me anywhere from an hour and 15 min to an hour and half to collect them and get home. Now even though I did work extra this Fall at the college, for the rest of this year I will be as close to that slower pace balance that I had three years ago. We started that new schedule this week, and it has been awesome! It will definitely make going back to work in January easier.

Besides those few months where the girls were home with our friend, this is the first time they have both been near the house rather than near work. I pick Kenz about five minutes from our house at 330, and after we get home we walk up to the bus stop to get Ave off the bus at 4.

This getting home at 330-400 makes my days feel so much longer in a good way. I don't feel rushed. I have plenty of time to take care of chores, get in a walk, play outside with the girls for a bit when it's sunny and 50 like it was the other day, eat afternoon snacks together and cuddle up on the couch for a quick rest or whatever we feel like doing. By the end of the day we're now back to more of a routine with bedtime and adult/me time at 8 because we're no longer running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get dinner cleaned up, kids ready for bed, and stuff for the next day ready.

I'm convinced the busier you are the faster time goes, but I don't want the days to feel quick right now. I want them to feel long. I want to be able to slow down and enjoy the girls and this age more. I know sometimes we think of long days as a bad thing, but right now I'm looking forward to the long days ahead.

                                  So excited to have more time at home with these two in 2015!
                  The hats in this picture are the ones my friend sold for our holiday charity project. She's thinking of selling them online again this Spring. I'll be sure to advertise if she is. They're super adorable!

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  1. your girls are SO beautiful! I love the hats! I know what you mean about not wanting the time to move so quickly. I look at 2 year old Henry and cannot believe he was ever a baby. It feels like it was over in the blink of an eye!