Friday, February 20, 2015

The Brain on Motherhood

My daughter got upset with me earlier because I told her after I cleaned up my room  I would help her clean up her room. I then of course got distracted with one of the other zillion things running through my brain so she then told me how I "promised" her and once again didn't keep my "promise".

At this point I'm staring her down with a dazed but crazed look in my eye. I proceed to explain to my six year old Mommy's brain on motherhood. It goes something like this.

You're cleaning up your room but before you finish you remember an order you need to cancel before the end of the night so you rush to the computer to put in the cancellation. Then on the way you discover the dog puked all over the floor. Then while you're trying to decide do I put in the cancellation before I forget or clean up the puke, the toddler starts having a meltdown because she wants a juice box. Like RIGHT NOW or all hell is going to break lose. Then the older one reminds you you're suppose to help her clean her room next. But then you remember I need to finish cleaning my room first. Dang, there's still a small pile of laundry that you see you forgot from putting away laundry before you started cleaning your room. Then seeing what looks like a piece of plastic laying on the floor in the dim light while trying to decide which frantic matter you should attend to first you bend over to pick up the plastic to only discover it's not plastic but the dog puke you need to clean up.

And that is what your brain is like on motherhood. The never ending task list on fast forward while you're in slow motion.

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  1. This is so true! I couldn't agree more with this post.

  2. I only have one, but I am horrible about remembering things. I'm a list person though, so I've been trying to schedule my days out and create to-do lists so I don't forget the things that need to be done. But yes, the distractions are horrible!