Friday, February 13, 2015

Frozen is not the Devil

I try to avoid the whole overly judgmental thing and to be all about to each their own but recently when I read a post that morealess stated that allowing Frozen into our homes and hearts of ourselves and children was letting in the devil, I gave up that agenda for the moment to write this post.

I have a serious problem when people start preaching damnation and devil worshipping on people that don't see their warped way of thinking. They are the reason I have a problem with religion. How many religions have killed in the name of God? So when religious people or groups start preaching how righteous they are and how damned the rest of us are, I really just want to scream hypocrite.

Evil exists everywhere. It is present in religion. It is in present in our politics. It is present in humanity. However, it can hide in every one of these, but it doesn't mean everyone is evil. For every corrupt supposed matra on a warpath in the name of God is someone who believes in the love that God should stand for, for every corrupt politician ruled by the evil of greed and power is one in the role to serve the people for the better good, for every human that has been consumed by the evil of darkness is someone who does good and models the vision of hope for humanity.

I'm not saying everything is evil, but so much is about perception. If you perceive to see the devil in Frozen and in all the different ways people live their lives compared to yours, then maybe that says something about you more so than the one you're judging. You don't like the movie, fine. You don't like the huge amount of fanfare around it, fine, but don't try to manipulate the rest of us to think we're exposing our children to the devil by allowing the movie into our homes and lives.

There is evil and there is good. There is darkness and there is hope. How you see each one is all about perception.

Oh, and I'm going after the Fifty Shades of Holier than Thou critics next too. Then I will step down on my ranting of judgmental people.

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