Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What was I Worried About!

As I sat watching my girls play and interact together this past weekend, I reminded my husband how  I  worried years ago about adding a second baby to our family. I wondered what another baby would do to our relationship with our oldest. I wondered how my oldest would handle the addition of a baby that would need lots of our attention and love. How would it change our oldest to have a younger sibling? Or you worry if you and others can love the second one as much as the first one?

Now I seriously think what a waste that was. I had absolutely nothing to worry about. The bond and love between those two just continue to amaze me. Now they're quite the pair. In some ways they're so similar. They are both such friendly, outgoing kids. They have no social fear and can charm about anyone with those big eyes and mischief smiles of theirs.  Yet the things that are opposite in them just seem to complement each other so well. Whereas one is fearless towards about everything (the oldest) the other is my hesitant, more self conscious before she jumps one (the younger one). Whereas one is the people pleaser, almost too obedient to a fault one (the oldest) the other one doesn't hesitate for a moment to stand up and speak her mind (the younger one). They both just have so much personality and passion for having fun and living life.

Now you can't imagine one without the other. We love them each for who they are and love that they're so different from one another yet seem to just go together like peanut butter and jelly. They have their disagreements like all siblings, but the two of them can disappear into their room or downstairs for hours (seriously) and get completely absorbed in some imaginative world they create together. They are all about being the tag team when it comes to teaming up against mom and dad, and they are the first to comfort and come to the defense of the other (especially the youngest defending the oldest) when one of them ends up in trouble.

I know this is just the beginning of their wonderful sister relationship, but I am so excited to see their love and bond for one another grow as they do. I know at times them and us will maybe think they're drifting apart, but I have faith that these early years are creating such a strong bond that they'll find their way back to each other as they travel through the bumps in the road of life.

                                   "Come on, sis, hold my hand. I promise not to let you fall."

"I have  you, little sister."
Loves to take care of her sister
Spunk and spunk
                                                    When they first met and fell in love

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