Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do... Remind Me What I Can Do

There's always the few people in our lives that rather than focusing on what we're capable of and can do that would rather focus on reminding us of what we may not be able to do with the challenges with either the choices we've decided to make or the obstacles out of our control that we may face ahead in the road to come.

I was a girl that not too long ago lost her confidence in about everything but luckily that girl is no longer here. Back in her place is a girl that knows her capabilities, isn't afraid to step up to a challenge, who refuses to abandon her goals and beliefs because the road got a little difficult.

I know for some of us it's really hard not to see all the ways we can be disappointed and let down. I know for the one who always thinks it's necessary to point out the hardest parts of the changes and difficulties ahead that the thought is it will save me from disappointment later.

It's not later right now. I've had to work to not be that person myself. The risk of disappointment, failure, being let down is always out there. In so many things we do and face. In life in general. But why go there yet? Give me a chance, don't underestimate what I can do.

Maybe the hardest road is ahead but don't tell me what I'm not capable of before I barely get started on this road. Look at my capabilities with the challenges behind me. Don't project your own doubts, failures, insecurities onto me.

We all travel a different road; we all face and create different challenges for ourselves. The rest of us are just bystanders on the sidelines of everyone s journey. So just as we wouldn't stand there on the literal  sidelines of the greatest or only marathon race telling them they're going to lose or embarass themselves with an epic fall before the finish line we shouldn't either in the marathon that is life. Just as many run those races as personal accomplishments or for their best personal record the marathon of life isn't much different. Each challenge is about doing our best and all we need to hear from the sidelines are those that can cheer us on in reaching that best.

So no matter if it's the challenges we create for ourselves or the ones out of our control we must face don't tell us what we can't do, but remind us what we're capable of doing.

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