Friday, January 15, 2016

Hard Today...Easy Tomorrow...Easy Today....Hard Tomorrow

Maybe this is the easy part. Maybe this is the hardest part. But really how do we really ever know?

What we think is hard today may seem like the easy part tomorrow.

What we face is unknown but isn't each new day really the unknown?

We can know the hard is coming or we cannot and the next day, next moment can be just as hard as the hard we knew was coming.

What does worrying about the unknown really do for us?

Does it prepare us? Does it change what is to come?

What does worrying about something that may never happen really accomplish?

Does it take away our joy of now? What are we missing while we're worrying?

What guarantees do we have? Now is all there is. Now is all we can truly know.

So step away from the what ifs. Step away from the worst case scenarios. Let what we can't control or change at the moment go and put our faith in God to lead us through. Today may be the harder day or maybe it's one of the easier ones. Sometimes we may not know which is which, but don't make it harder than it has to be with all the what ifs. Right now is where we are; right now is where we need to live.


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