Friday, February 26, 2016

Update on Baby Arrival

I feel like my head is still spinning. Mostly from just trying to scramble to get ready for a baby. As we close out February this week, my thinking at the beginning of the week was one more full month of pregnancy to go with March. I'd have March to close out the third quarter unit and grades and get my yearbook submitted. March would also be the month we'd take care of the last of the baby things. My plan last weekend was we'll use our spring break the last week of March to install the car seat and pack the hospital bags and those kinds of last minute things.

Now I'm starting to think we're going to have a baby in March. In fact, I'm not a betting person but my mom instinct is this kid is coming in March and I'd put money on March right now. Preferably March 31?!?! He'd only be exactly four weeks early at that point.

So an update for those that have been keeping up with our unplanned labor and delivery trip from the beginning of the week. I went in Monday afternoon to the doctor for cramping pains. I was sent to labor and delivery in the evening to get checked out for the second time that day since earlier in the day I was dilated to a 1 and my cervix was softening. In L & D we found out over the span of ten hours there was no change in my cervix so that was good! They also sent a bunch of labs off for test. I guess one of the labs they sent off for was for a bacteria infection they check all women for between 35-37 weeks pregnant, but because I was having signs of early labor I was tested at 30 weeks. The test came back positive for GBS, a type of bacterial infection that I guess 30% of pregnant women end up having. With a positive at 35-37 weeks they just make a note to administer you antibiotics during delivery so your baby doesn't get the infection. A positive earlier than that though can cause preterm labor; hence the possibility of my preterm labor (and I guess I had a low grade UTI I didn't even know I had from it) . I started antibiotics Wednesday night.

Now that I've tested positive for it once I will also have to be administered antibiotics during delivery too, and even though I'm getting treated for it at the moment I guess it can come back fairly quickly. So not only is there lots of time left for it to come back and cause labor again, I still haven't stopped cramping to begin with. Then today my ribs that have been killing me are no longer hurting at all which makes me wonder if' he's dropping down???

As I told the doctor, if my mother instinct and knowledge of my own body from experiencing two pregnancies counts for anything, I really think I am starting the slow process that my body typically takes to progress towards labor. I'm really hoping for a five week long process but I'm kind of thinking that might be wishful thinking. She said after 34 weeks they won't stop my labor so that's in only three weeks! In hopes of getting me there and as a just in case measure in hopes it helps she wants me to be on modified bed rest at home (at least it's not the super can't move off the couch except to pee kind) for at least those three weeks. She wrote me a note for work until the end of the month but said we can reevaluate and discuss at 34 weeks so hoping I'm only taking a short 2.5 week break from work in which I can still work on my yearbook and third quarter grades from home before going back for a short time to get things ready for my long term maternity leave sub. I've been scrambling all week in panic mode after Monday so after coming home and working three hours one night and working straight through lunch today I completed my SLOs and have laid out and organized plans for the whole month of March. I have a good size stack or papers to catch up on grading and interims to submit over the weekend so maybe I can feel caught up and like I'm not leaving things in an untidy frenzy (this is when A type personality sucks and is a good thing all at the same time).

I go to the pediatric cardiologist this week for what is probably his last heart check in utero and to discuss any delivery interventions, procedures, or changes they feel may need to be put in place for his arrival. A week after that I go back to the OB and I imagine every week after that.

My first came at 39 weeks and 5 days and my second at 38 weeks and 2 days. I'm placing my bet for this one at 36 weeks on the nose.

As you get close to the end it's always kind of exciting and nerve racking and a zillion other emotions all at the same time. I can not wait to meet this boy of mine! However, I hope he stays put for at least another 3-5 weeks. I think once I hit the 36 week mark I'm just going to be ready for him to come any day. I am SO excited to see all three of my kids together. I'm scared and nervous to see what his official diagnosis is with his heart and what that all means for the short term or long term. I'm a little nervous about having an infant in the house again. The last one was kind of demanding and overwhelming. I'm a little nervous about balancing work, life, and mom of three after feeling like I let myself down there for a bit with the working mom balancing act with two and just got my confidence back in the last year or so. I can't wait to experience being a boy mom verse a girl mom. I'm excited for the girls to have a brother and watch that sibling love blossom and grow all over again. I'm so excited for Nate to have a son. I'm so excited for our little family to be complete!


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