Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sometimes Momma's Give a Damn Button is Broken

I know as moms we like to post and share all the "perfect" moments with our children. Does social media have you convinced everyone else's children must be such "perfect" children? I know I'm guilty of wanting to share my girls' so called perfect moments. Hopefully I throw enough of their mischief moments in to keep you from getting too fooled. For a moment occasionally they fool me too and I think "awe, aren't they so perfect" and feel the need to share this little glimpse of their miniscule moment of perfection. But let me tell you there are a bunch of other mom moments that I like to think we all hide, not just myself. I call them the "Momma's Give a Damn Button is Broken" kind of moments.

These are the moments when one of them gets out of bed for the umpteenth time and demands something to drink. It's when they come up to me for the fifth time in what seems like five minutes complaining about the other one for hitting them or not sharing their toy. It's when I sit one of them in timeout for not listening or doing as they're told and the little one starts to cry. Okay, my "might give a damn button" starts flashing at that time. I can't handle the big sad eyes very well. Or when Averi tells me "You hurt my feelings," when I discipline her for something. That causes my "might give a damn" button to start flashing too.

But when Averi says "don't throw that away," when hours later we are STILL cleaning up the disaster of the playroom, I just realy don't care. At this point I'm considering throwing all the toys away. When my husband complains at the end of a long day about laundry, dirty dishes, or something with the house, my give a damn button is definitely broken. And this is probably when I seriously look at him and say, "Do you really think I give a shit right now?" Sometimes I'm just flippin tired and feel like the maid and when one more person asks something of me I just want to say, "Momma don't care right now!"

Don't get me wrong. As anyone that knows me well, knows I love my children more than anything. To me they are perfect little imperfected people. I love to share and showcase all their fantastic, fun moments, but I like to think as much as we all share the feelings of overwhelming love for our children, I'm not alone in having these momma don't care moments.

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  1. (Sorry if this is getting posted twice...)

    I loved this post and am glad I'm not alone in this. I love my kids dearly too but all three of them think everything is either the end of the world or the most exciting thing in the world. I know this is how kids are supposed to be, but I can only give it so much of my energy. They sure know when my "Don't Give a Damn" button has been pushed because they usually then start telling me that I'm the best mom ever!

  2. You are certainly not alone! After cutting up three separate kinds of fruit, after being specifically asked by my son, and then handing them to him only to have him say that he wants Cheerios, I'm sorry that's when the 'button' goes off. He's still so young that I of course give in, but that doesn't stop me from thinking that I just don't care what he wants. Of course I do care, and of course you do care, but I get that feeling of I just don't care! They are such perfect little imperfections though!

  3. Angela, you are definitely not alone on this! Lol. Great post.

  4. HA! Great post!! I hit my "don't give a damn button" yesterday! My daughter was 'talking back' because I was mean enough to say no TV and no iPad, because she and her sister were both making a spectacle of themselves at the grocery store. Then she turned on the waterworks. My heart melted a little - but I was still sticking to my guns!

  5. Great, great post! You are so not alone! There are so many days that I feel like no more than the maid and those days really bite. Luckily the good outweigh the bad! Thank you so much for sharing on Meandering Mondays! Have a great weekend!