Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Deep Breaths

I'm reminded frequently that parenting requires lots of deep breaths. Sometimes it's when my youngest daughter sounds like a broken record, "Milkie, Mommy. Milkie, Mommy!" At other times it might be instances like today when Averi decides she's mad at her sister and yells, "I'm not your big sister anymore!" Or maybe it's when they get out of bed for the umpteenth time. It's times they've decided to cover their face in diaper cream or cut their sister's hair. There's the way they can flip a newly cleaned up room upside down in record time. Or it's like tonight when my youngest one gets upset and holds her breath only to pass out hard on the hard wood floor. Other times it's when I walk in the bathroom to find my make up all over the floor or better yet recently when I walked into my bedroom to find it covered in feathers.

A few Friday nights ago, we let the girls lay in our bed to watch TV for a bit at bedtime. Of course there was the usual giggling and laughing that we hear most nights. However, it wasn't until my husband walked in to check on them and tell them it was time to settle down that the phrase, "Oh, my God, what have you girls done?" I knew from the tone of his voice I didn't even want to go see. I walked into find our bed and bedroom covered in a mass amount of white feathers. They had found a hole in our down comforter and discovered when they shook it that feathers just fell down around them like snowflakes, hence all the little girl giggling I had heard. Even though I cleaned it up, we still woke up with feathers in our hair and I'm still finding feathers in my room.

I have no doubt these two will test  our patience in the years to come. Even though they are not unfamiliar with the mommy or daddy, "oh, no, I think we might be in trouble," voice, there have been many times the take deep breaths and count to ten exercise has been my go to verse the alternative of having my own version of a kicking and screaming temper tantrum.

When I thought of having two I always thought of how one would look out for the other; primarily I guess the older one looking out for the younger one. I didn't know I was giving her a partner in crime. One as a baby was an escape artist and the other so headstrong about getting her own way, she throws such fits she forgets to breathe which occasionally leads to her passing out. Together they get into quite the mischief. I often wonder which one I am going to have to worry about more as she gets older or which one will be the ring leader to all the trouble I'm sure they'll occasionally find themselves in as they navigate their childhood and adolescence. A friend of mine who knows them pretty well I think figured it out pretty well. Ave will be the mastermind with all the crazy ideas and Kenz will be the one doing all the dirty work to carry them out. I'm sure I will have lots of deep breathing exercises in my future. I just hope they're a little smarter and safer with their decisions than their parents were.

I know most of us do stupid stuff as kids, and these two already have me worried for their adolescent years just based on the curiousity and their occasional no fear love for mischief that they already exhibit as just little girls.

                                                                 No fear! Look at me!
                                                       We're going to do this together!
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  1. This was great. I can't tell you how nice it is when other moms write about the challenging aspects of life with young children. It's so unique to parenthood, I think, that one minute can be so wonderful and happy and the next can be so overwhelming.

  2. Children try our patience, but bring so much into our lives. I bet your girls are so close their whole lives. They will thank you when they are older for giving them each other. (it may be long after their parents are gone!!) Thanks for sharing this with us at the Four Seasons Blog Hop. I will pin this!!