Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Oh Shit It's Going to Snow AGAIN List

I don't think it really matters where you live in the US this winter it's been a cold, snowy winter. Even the south has been hit with snow several times! At this point in mid February I imagine most of us are done with the excitement of snow and just ready for spring to hurry up and get here.

I've got it set in my head that we're going to get hit with this foot of snow Thursday and it's going to be an out with a bang last of the season winter storm here. We're going to break 60 degrees here soon and winter will just be a distant memory. But before I can enjoy spring yet there's this possible last winter storm to get through. As we all know when big storms are coming we all rush to the store so we have all the supplies for our tiolet paper sandwiches with our glass of milk that we'll all be eating in the dark. Here is my snowmageddon shopping list.

1. Yards upon yards of tiolet paper
2. A cow full of milk or at least enough gallons to equivelent to that amount
3. Dozens of batteries- at least enough to get us through the last five weeks of winter at this rate
4. A stash of chocolate and then another hidden stash on top of that
5. Alcholol-lots of alcohol
6. A good supply of medicine that will make children sleepy to administer as soon as they sneeze, cough, cry in any way that I could say implied they weren't feeling well
7. Tropical magazines in the hopes that if we all envision summer together it will come
8. A refill on patience- see #5
9. A restock of condoms if not on birth control- what else is there to do when you're stuck inside for days on end
10. Then I guess there's the important stuff like food and water, maybe books and movies, but really don't we want to be able to tell our grandkids one day "when I was your age I had to walk in a foot of snow to get food to survive." (since we can't use the walk to school line anymore since they close for the talk of snow these days)


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  1. Oh my word! I just about died laughing about the condoms! I am SO done with this snow too! And really after last year (It snowed MAY 6th) we deserved a early spring!