Friday, June 13, 2014

Adult Decisions are Hard

I ve reached a point where making that decision to come east almost ten years ago was easy compared to the one we re debating on making sometime in probably the next thirteen months. I only had myself to think about then. Now I have myself, my husband, and our two daughters. Now I have to think like an adult rather than an impulsive woman child.

We ve always talked about how at some point after Nate finished grad school and before the girls got too far into school we d consider relocating. We don't have family here so we don't have that to tie us here. However we started our careers here, have two houses here, our girls were born here, and we have several close friends here we d hate to leave. Not only that but for the most part we love Maryland. The beaches, mountains, and several big cities are all so close.

However now that we have the girls I would love to be 10 hours or less from my family rather than the 17 we are now. There are a few places we' ve discussed that we would love to live once we got through the rough transitioning part because if there s anything I ve learned from moving over the last ten years is even as excited as we may be about it, transition is always a little rocky with some growing pains along the way. There are many pros and cons to this. It is not a simple decision even as much as some would like to think it should be a no brainer.

Well, Nate justed finished grad school, and Ave is starting kindergarten this fall. Due to limited options here for what he wants to do, we've started discussing if maybe now is the time for that relocation we've always talked about. I've always thought of this as something in the future with no definite time frame,and now I'm stumped at the fork in the road. I thought we had a little further to go before we'd reach this point of having to decide which way to go.

In all honestly I don't know if I'm ready yet. Sometimes I think we should sit on it for a year to either talk ourselves into it or out of it. However, he started sending applications out to here and in other states. We keep saying just because he applies else where doesn't mean we're relocating. He's not pushing it too hard like we would be if we knew for sure we did want to relocate. So for now I'm relying on my good ole belief in what is meant to be will be. If nothing comes of this I can relax and enjoy next school year while we weigh our way through the pros and cons and plan a possible more definite, aggressive attack towards possibly making the relocation thing happen a year from now. If something does well I followed him across the country once so I'll be right beside him to do it again!

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  1. The idea of pulling up stakes and moving to another city is both terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. I'd probably drive myself crazy trying to weigh all the pros and cons! I totally agree with you though; what is meant to be will be. Whatever happens, you'll be together :)