Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Six or Not Sometimes Life Just isn't Fun

"Why? Ugh, this is just not a fun day," wailed my six year old.
"Life is not always fun, girl. Get use to it," I said.
"That's a little harsh, don't you think?" replied my husband.

To some, including my husband and children at times, I'm a mean mommy. In my defense I'm not always mean and a negative nancy. But I am maybe a little blunt and tell it like it is too much. Six or not though, the truth is life isn't always fun.

She might as well learn to deal with that disappointment now. I like to have fun. I plan lots of fun because I'm all for play as hard, if not harder, than you work. My husband has accused me of being a slave driver at times with my expectations of what I expect to get done in a certain amount of time. I can sometimes be pretty demanding about stuff around the house. But I'm a believer in taking care of your stuff and I am nobody's maid so pick up after yourself. (Now I can also when the weeks get crazy be just as much as slob with leaving stuff laying around as the rest of them which is fine as long as when we catch a chance to pick it all back up we're doing it together.)  Again sometimes shit comes up that you don't want to have to do but you have to get done. No it's not going to be fun, but you suck it up and get it done. I know it's not fun; I know sometimes it really sucks.

So six or not sometimes life just isn't fun. Am I a mean mommy because I don't make every day an adventure in fun? Am I a mean mommy because I make you clean up after yourself on a daily basis? Am I a mean mommy because I ask you to help out around the house? Am I a mean mommy because I am sometimes busy taking care of other things I can't drop everything and be at your beck and call?

Here's the thing, my precious little princesses, I know your daddy wants to pamper you and spoil you. Believe me you are well spoiled, and even though at times like now at six you might see me as the meaner parent I'm betting one day you'll understand. You may even thank me. Life won't always pamper and spoil you, girl. At times it will disappoint. Some days won't be fun; some days honestly will suck. But don't worry, your mean momma here will do her best to make sure you're capable of just bearing down and getting through it. Maybe even with a smile on your pretty little face.


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